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A new Super Wawa was approved in January for Gibbsboro at the intersection of Lakeview Dr and Clementon Rd, on the corner where Super Jet gas station was located.  The new Wawa property will extend down Lakeview Drive and actually it will extend down and around behind Masso’s!  The intersection also includes a Wells Fargo Bank and the Chophouse restaurant is close by.

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Back in November 2019, Washington Township approved the development of a new Super Wawa at the 5 Points intersection. The plans also include a second building for an undisclosed fast food restaurant. This plan will also require the re-positioning of Blackwood-Barnsboro Road

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The new Super Wawa being developed in Brooklawn NJ at Rt 130 and Browning Road… is scheduled to open on October 10th. Associates in the Bellmawr Wawa (Browning and Park) are saying their store is closing Oct 9 and the next day employees will report to work in the new Brooklawn location.

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