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Deptford Movies Posts

A Super update on Super Wawas! In Deptford, real construction started this week!  And in Washington Township… they are still working on final road access approvals.   We’ve chatted with people in the projects, and even pulled an OPRA request for approval details… read on!

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The August 2019 Deptford Planning Board will see the Deptford Movies developer appearing again, to get final approvals on their project ahead of development. They have had approvals before, but this seems to be an indication that some aspects of the project changed. Still core to it tho are the movie theater and a separate larger restaurant.

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It was intended to be a presentation of the plans for a new Super Wawa on Clements Bridge Road, and it turned into discussions on the Inspira Project and the Deptford Movies Project. We had a chance to chat with the Deptford Movies owner! The core of the information is in a way too long commentary video, but it covers several previously unknown items, development challenges and solutions, the desire for new roads, and additional details on the Inspira Project.

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