Super Wawa Finally Coming to Deptford – Clements Bridge Road

A long rumored Super Wawa on Clements Bridge Road finally shows itself, in a surprise (to me) Deptford Planning Board notice!  The property is along Clements Bridge Road, and across from the “Pathmark” shopping center.   In fact, just an hour ago I was writing about Seven Star Diner and saying “I 100% can guarantee a Super Wawa has never been presented to Deptford Boards” and then an hour later I find this!

There are two large properties there, with the movie theater taking the right half and Inspira owning the left 30 acres.   The lot information and address identify the location as the 30 acre Inspira Health property.  Obviously a Super Wawa does not need 30 acres, so this will take a portion of the front roadside border.  There is an old abandoned business in that area, so maybe that is the location?

Recently an Edge Fitness location opened up in the Pathmark Building and it has proven to be VERY popular, bringing a lot of potential Wawa customers in and out.  And just a few months ago Deptford Movies received a new approval for their project which if developed would be next to this new Wawa, and a still-not-defined Inspira Health Park would be on the other side.  It seems Wawa wants to get in before the rest of the developments take place.

In a prior article here, we call out that Inspira took ownership of a portion of the large property, and included in THIS link is a depiction of the Inspira and Movie Theater properties.  It seems the Wawa will be in the Inspira property.

We will be at that planning board meeting, and will post more afterwards.  The meeting is Wednesday, August 8, 2018, at 6:00 P.

Construct an approximately 4,736 square foot Wawa food market and covered lit canopy fueling station with 8 fueling islands, together with landscaping, lighting, parking, stormwater management and related site improvements, on property located at 1365 Clements Bridge Road in Deptford Township, Gloucester County, New Jersey 08096,

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    • funny you ask… chatted with Mayor Medany after the planning board meeting and he said “The thing that more residents call the boro about than anything else… is the IHOP”
      He said no one knows what happened. Well they believe they were trying to find someone else to develop on the property also. The Mayor also said at this point its been so long they would have to come bacl to the planning board and get approved again!

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