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LIDL Supermarket Blackwood Clementon Gloucester Township

Big props to the Courier Post for this story!  In a recent story about the soon to be developed LIDL Supermarkets starting to hire (as the Vineland store is close to opening), was a line that is presented in the article as an afterthought, but to the readers at 42Freeway it is actually the most important news..

Gloucester Township Mayor Dave Mayer said Lidl is pursuing two township sites.
He said the township has an agreement-of-sale contract with the supermarket chain for one of the sites, a former Nike missile base owned by the township on Berlin-Cross Keys Road.
The company is on the September planning board agenda to make a site plan presentation for that location.
The other site is Commerce Plaza II on Blackwood-Clementon Road.

There it is.  Just a few words.  A LIDL Supermarket is also being considered for Blackwood-Clementon Road, and the Commerce Plaza II location puts it almost directly across from the Shop-Rite.

An interesting twist on this news is, this shopping center has already gone through a remodeling, and if they do add a LIDL Supermarket to the property it is almost guaranteed that some segment of the shopping center will need to be demolished.

42Freeway reached out to Mayor Mayer via email, and he did confirm the interest from LIDL in a second GT supermarket location, but as of this time they have not presented before the planning board.

Back  in May 2016, 42Freeway broke the news on the first Gloucester Township location, which is the former Nike missile base on Cross Keys road, next to Acme.


From that prior 42Freeway article: wrote back in January 2016, that the model for stores is similar to Aldi Supermarkets, but twice the size offering more selections.  LIDL also prefers building their own stores, and would be looking for land to build.  TalkBusiness.Net has additional details on the business model, including the success the company has been having outside of the US.

LIDL has plans for over 100 US stores.  They have started development in the Virginia area first, and the chatter you hear about stores in the South Jersey area is them just getting properties and approvals lined up for development in 2018 and later.

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  1. As much as I’d like to have a LIDL around here (they sound really cool) and I really think ShopRite needs some competition bad, this is a weird choice for the location.

    Not only might the ShopRite being right across the street be awkward for LIDL (unless they’re like Royal Farms and like to be near Wawas to compete with them head to head) but also it was closed down because there was mercury contamination in the Aquarium Center that spread thru other stores there!

    Was that contamination fully cleaned up or is there more work to go? If it’s not, then that could cost LIDL a pretty penny even before they demolish the plaza and build their store.

    Why have they not gone to or considered the former Kmart? There are no grocery stores on that end of BC road and it’s so big I’d think it would be a good size for them (plus no mercury contamination history as a bonus so the build could be cheaper and easier).

    1. I don’t know anything about mercury contamination…
      I do know that LIDL wants to build all of its own store. So the Kmart building doesn’t help them… would actually be a detriment… as it’s just something bigger and more expensive for them to tear down first.

    2. my understanding was that the mercury was an act of sabotage or vandalism. The mercury contamination was inside the tanks and killed the fish. The aquarium center then moved from that location across blackwood-clementon road to the shopping center that used to have KMart in it, over by the Starbucks and Cotardos.

      1. Sabotage or vandalism? Yuck! I hope Aquarium Center is doing better in their new home.As for Kmart I hope we eventually get something cool there too. We have a weird area for businesses in this part of Gloucester Twp.

        It is near BC road and some businesses can be and have been successful but it’s just not a big money area, I think mostly low income to lower middle class income range, so I think people tend to be a bit picky about how they spend their money around here because they don’t have a lot to spend and don’t want to waste it.

        That could indeed pave the way for this LIDL to be a big success, especially if their prices really are better than the local Shop Rites and people like this store and their products in general.

  2. Are they talking about the empty shopping center where the post office and empire beauty were? If so, they will probably tear the entire center down.

    Also – anyone know what is going on at the old gas station in front of shop rite? They put a new roof on it…

  3. Now I have a LIDL vs. Royal Farms horserace going to see which of these 2 gets built up and running first.

    It would seem that RF has a heads up now, because the land is mostly cleared BUT it’s also going to have a gas station and those take time to build because they have to make sure the underground gas tanks will be stable in cold weather.

    So even though I didn’t think LIDL could be 1st (among other things the old commerce plaza is still standing so that still has to be knocked down and cleared before anything new can spring up there) a friend said he thinks it will be built ASAP and he might not be wrong!

    It does seem like they are staggering the RFs to be built in small groups. The Magnolia RF just opened, the next 2 will open early next year. So when will this RF come? I’m starting to think maybe 2019 or even 2020 unless there is a real drive to get it built and opened before the end of next year.

    But I think a 2018 build and opening could be a very fair possibility for the LIDL.

  4. There are plans to build a royal farms at the site of the old Stratford Theater. My understanding is that the redevelopment of that shopping center is fully approved now.

    Anyone know of anything going on with the former Kmart? Have any companies expressed any interest?

    1. wow… I had no idea about this one. Thank you for the tip. I’ll check into it.
      I personally haven’t heard anything about any of the closed K-marts. Havent done much research yet.
      I’m 0-for-2 on this one!

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