Salsa Fresca BYOB Mexican is open in Washington Township

In the middle of our area’s Little Italy, a Mexican restaurant has opened up on Egg Harbor Road.

Salsa Fresca offers real authentic Mexican food in a beautifully themed restaurant.   They do not have a liquor license, but it couldn’t be any more convenient (and cheap!) to have Salina Liquors just a short walk down the sidewalk!  Buy at cheaper liquor store prices and bring down to Salsa Fresca for delicious Mexican food!

Salsa Fresca is located on Egg Harbor Road in Washington Township, and many may know the location as being in the same small center as Salina liquors.

All dishes are prepared as authentic Mexican cuisine, using only the freshest ingredients!

Restaurant owner Lilo is known to area residents as the owner of Johnny’s Pizza, located next to the liquor store and Salsa Fresca.  The same care and quality that Lilo puts into his Italian dishes, is also going into the food at Salsa Fresca.

Many will note that Salsa Fresca opened earlier in the year for a short bit, before closing (and reopening now).  Owner Lilo told me that he takes extreme pride in his restaurants and wanted to make sure he put out the best product.  So the brief hiatus allowed him to change the menu, do additional upgrades in the kitchen… and he is confident you will experience the best Mexican cuisine in the area.

I stopped in before lunch on the weekend when no one was seated yet.  The decor is definitely that of a Mexican establishment.. this is not a strip mall, white drywall place!  You can bring the family or dates to Salsa Fresca

Salsa Fresca  (Facebook)
273 Egg Harbor Road
Washington Township (Sewell) NJ 08080

1 thought on “Salsa Fresca BYOB Mexican is open in Washington Township”

  1. Went here last night (11/21) for dinner.

    It was relatively busy when we walked in around 6:30 – there were four other tables occupied and three people waiting for takeout.

    Some sort of employee spat was being rectified at the front desk as we entered and my wife looked at me as if to say “you brought me here why?”

    We got our drinks (soda) pretty quickly but as there was only one person at the time serving, and it was our first time, we took our time with the menu and asked her to come back twice.

    We ordered one beef tostada and one chalupa for appetizers. The ground beef was very nicely flavored; not overly spicy and not extremely salty or overly chewy. If they sold a bowl of that with a spoon, I’d probably eat it.

    We also ordered guacamole with our chips and salsa. The chips were quite tasty. The guacamole was very good as well, but the portion was a little small.
    Refills on chips are not complementary.

    My carnitas platter was very good. The texture of the pork was a little different than I’m used to at other area Mexican restaurants, but the flavor was very, very good. The refried beans, pico de gallo, and rice on the plate were also quite tasty. There were pickled? jalapenos on the dish that I’m unable to eat, so I gave them to my wife.

    My wife had the Burrito Salsa Fresca (with chicken). I had a couple bites but some sort of jalapeno zing on it made it difficult for me to enjoy it. She really enjoyed it and killed almost half of it. (It was pretty sizable).

    We’ll go back.

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