Royal Farms Magnolia Opens November 2nd. South Jersey’s First

The much talked about and long awaited South Jersey Royal Farms convenience stores and gas stations will have their first South Jersey location open on November 2nd 2017, in Magnolia NJ.  This is based on banners at the store indicating how many days till opening.

Royal Farms has been reported about on this blog and other media outlets for probably 2 years or more.  They are a store in the same category as our very familiar Super Wawas.  Considering how well loved Wawa is in this area, and how South Jersey is a stronghold for them, people are both shocked and intrigued that someone would come into Wawa’s backyard and take them on full bore!

The Magnolia store is located on the White Horse Pike, at the site of the closed and demolished St Gregory’s Church.  The location puts its on a very busy stretch of highway, in the dense heart of South Jersey suburban home developments.

42Freeway visited the Magnolia store today, and it looks 100% development complete.  The store and property setup is VERY familiar to our Super Wawa, with a similar size and gas pump placement.  In the Magnolia store, signage is up, even promotional signs hanging on the glass.  Inside the digital signage is working.  The extended time till opening must be for final interior work, product stocking, and training.

Royal Farms is very similar to our more familiar Super Wawa, with a few key distinctions:

  • Chicken is the big draw at Royal Farms, where as hoagies are the key item at Wawa
  • Seating is available at Royal Farms, in outside patio seating AND an inside seating area.

For a more detailed (and long) look at a Royal Farms store, check the video at the bottom of this post.

The exterior photos in the gallery below are from the Magnolia store


42Freeway visits the Ridley Park Pa, Royal Farms store.   A really long overview of the store, and key product differences


9 thoughts on “Royal Farms Magnolia Opens November 2nd. South Jersey’s First”

  1. Sheetz is very good up in Harrisburgh Littits york area. Mark it’s not what you like it’s what others may like.It’s an old video and you did a good job but as I said before you pressed every button but breakfast lol.I will go to Royal farms when Magnolia opens a number of times to check it out.You are right about Wawa they think they own us change is good!Bellmawr is right up the street from me as is Wawa but it’s time for a change from Wawa!I’m sure Wawa will make some changes as the Royal Farms open but is it too late? time will tell.

    • Ha! I’m just seeing this.
      I’ve been to Sheetz and QuickChek. My wife has family in Central Pa and Central Jersey (where QuickCheck is)
      The QuickCheck is very similar to the Wawa / Royal Farms stores. Even the same coffee urns and open refrigerators. The Sheetz in Mansfield Pa was a completely different setup. More square. One of my dozens of ideas is another video covering all 4. A couple mins on each. Summertime has been busy

      Breakfast… ha never considered it. I didn’t have a plan she. I went in and def was going to order three food items, let alone breakfast. But they were so small I just kept going, stopping short at breakfast.

  2. I can’t wait for this to open. I’m sick of Wawa and quite frankly having the option of getting the best fried chicken you have ever tasted is the biggest draw for me!! I have been a fan for years when I came across it by sheer luck one day down in VA. I am excited and I think they will do well… diversity. We need it!

  3. To all of those fried chicken lovers out there, you WILL be amazed at the chicken at Royal Farms. I happened into one a few years back and got a single chicken breast for lunch. It was as large as half a turkey breast, no kidding. They must brine them before frying and it was the most delicious chicken I have ever had… hot, juicy, and tasty. I’ve traveled to Maryland many times and always find the time to eat another. You will not be disappointed.

    • Amen to that. Once the Royal Farms cat is outta the bag around here, WAWA…and maybe even Chick-Fil-A, better watch out now!!

  4. Let me tell you that as a long time patron of Wawa, my preference for it fell some when I stumbled upon a Royal Farms by chance while down in VA. It’s similar to Wawa for the most part but the thing that really sets Royal Farms apart from all of the other convenience stores, including Sheetz, is their fried chicken. Try it and you’ll find out for yourself. I am beyond excited that I’ll finally be able to get that chicken here in NJ. I hope things work out well for them. Nothing wrong with some diversity. Can’t always be all about the hoagies.

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