Royal Farms Magnolia NJ has opened. A Facebook live video walkthrough

South Jersey’s first Royal Farms has opened in Magnolia NJ, on the White Horse Pike. This is the first of many to come with at least 10 planned for the area.

They are very similar to our Super Wawa’s offering a gas station, convenience store items, and food. Two things setting them apart from Wawa is their fried chicken (early reviews are “Awesome”) and they offering a small amount of seating.

The store opened at midnight on November 2nd, and 42Freeway was there the following evening to check out the new store.

This wasnt planned in advance at all, but I decided after I go there to do a Facebook live stream walkthrough. Afterwards, I realized it didnt  upload in HD and the camera was moved around a little too fast…  but I’ve learned for next time.   The video is below.

I don’t believe facebook is requred to view. We’re trying out new things here.

6 thoughts on “Royal Farms Magnolia NJ has opened. A Facebook live video walkthrough”

  1. Doing a few cans of Red Bull Mark?
    The walkthrough well I wait till next week to see what royal farms is about.

    • ha… I had no gameplan when I showed up. Didn’t expect so many people, and was a little (lot) nervous about live streaming, so I ran through in hyper mode.

  2. Went to Royal Farms Magnolia,First trip I had a Italian hoagie $4.99 awsom! so much better than Wawa,They use Leaf Lettuce just the right amount of meat yum!the fries are to kill for a real patotoe wedges.Yes the chicken is that good!
    Also they are cheaper than Wawa,Sodas chips etc.Can’t wait for Bellmawr to open it’s closer for me than Magnolia.Wawa will have to make changes if not they will be going at it with RF and RF will be the Eagles and Wawa will be Denver!Up next breakfast.

    • intrigued… so if you suffered through my full 19 min review of the Ridley Park store, you saw how disappointing the rolls were there. it was almost like a flatbread folded in half. While I have been to the magnolia store, I haven’t ordered any food ’cause I am not good with lines. ha

      I’ll be back this week and will try the chicken and the sandwiches, and maybe another video is in my near future.

      Did you push the breakfast button?!

      • Yes I did and I like what I see Scrapple and egg sandwiche “Limited time” never seen that in wawa!As for the rolls must be the water in NJ roll was good nothing like Ridley Park.I’m guessing Bellmawr will open sometime after turkey day can’t wait it’s a pain in the @$$ going on white horse pike Bellmawr will be much shorter.

      • Don’t go at dinner time traffic on the pike is bad and lines are bad. Royal Farms discount card not good they want you’re bank account number and you’re Drivers License! No way I’d do that.

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