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Royal Farms Blackwood-Clementon NJ

The Royal Farms Convenience Store and Gas Station slated for Blackwood-Clementon Road in Gloucester Township is finally showing signs of construction… literally, a “Royal Farms Coming Soon” sign to coincide with the ongoing lot preparation.

42Freeway first reported on this new location back in April 2017, and its taken a while for things to get started.  The location is the Commerce Square shopping center in the general location of where the SuperFresh supermarket was located (and has since been demolished).  Considering the supermarket building came down a considerable time before Royal Farms wasa known, it seems this project has been in the works for years.

We mentioned before when people asked “whats going on with so-and-so Royal Farms”, that they can only build so many at a time.  Their real estate team and planners are working on deals and approvals long before construction starts.  We can find out about them early, here at 42Freeway.. but construction could still be 2 years or more away.

Royal Farms is a Convenience and Gas Station store moving up from the Baltimore area.  Their significant item is fried chicken, and they currently have locations in South Jersey in Bellmawr, Gloucester City, Magnolia, East Greenwich, with many more on the way.

More Royal Farms news to come soon!

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  1. I wonder if Lidl is still coming to Blackwood-Clementon Road? Lidl has cut down their expansion plans, and nothing has been going on in the shopping center.

    Also, have you heard anything about the former Kmart? Or the former Denny’s?

    1. LILD has not been clear at all regarding specific plans for the two Gloucester Township stores but they were at the planning board just 2-3 months ago for the Blackwood-Clementon store… so that must be a sign of interest

      Nothing is happening at Kmart that I know of. Its just closed.
      Dennys.. surprised me. I think the Turnserville one is closed also?

      1. I’m glad to see that construction has really started on this Royal Farms but expect it will take a while because a friend told me that underground tanks for gas stations have to be tested in freezing weather to insure they don’t crack or break (which I think is unlikely to occur before October or November).

        I’m keeping an eye out on Lidl too but that does seem to be further in the future.

        As for K-mart, I’m wondering if that might end up being split up into smaller stores somehow or if they might just take a wrecking ball to it and either build something new or add more parking spaces.

        Our Denny’s and Friendly’s both closed not that long ago. I think people’s tastes are changing. Last time I went to Denny’s a few months ago I had a pretty good but not great time. Food is good and not that expensive but it is pretty unhealthy and they seemed to be chronically short-staffed on waiters/waitresses and service was very slow because of that.

        Our area mainly now seems to favor fast food restaurants and banks and the only one that surprises me is the banks because I think it’s at best a lower middle class area so we’re not talking people running around with a lot of money to give all these banks the kind of business they need!

        1. I’m not sure where your friend got their info from, but a gas station definitely doesn’t need to wait until we get freezing temps to ensure tanks won’t crack underground. Case in point – a new Wawa just opened up in Sewell, where Clancy’s was located. The tanks were put into the ground in June.

          1. If that’s the case, they’ll be closing the one at Laurel and BWC Rd.

            Also, it would mark the second time a grocery store was in that plaza – over where Gamestop and Dollar General are now, used to be an Acme back in the 90s.

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