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Route 70 Corridor Improvement Project Underway. State Funded $151 Million

Route 70 Corridor Improvement Project Underway.  State Funded $151 Million
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If you’ve traveled Rt 70 recently you already know a large construction project has started on the roadway. This week NJDOT formerly announced the Route 70 Corridor Improvement project, which is $151 Million state-funded effort to upgrade the roadway, sidewalks, signals and utilities.

I attended the press conference held this Tuesday at the Camden County College building in Cherry Hill, which featured representatives from NJDOT as well as State and Local politicians.

Several speakers highlighted the benefits of the project, and it’s importance to local commuters.

Paraphrasing a comment from Majority Leader Louis Greenwald… government needs to invest in infrastructure improvements such as the Rt 70 Corridor Improvement project so that we can continue to retain and attract businesses and residents to the area.

Construction is expected to be completed in early 2027. Scroll and read for more details on the what this project is all about!

At the Rt 70 Improvement Press Conference; Parth Ozra (NJDOT), Bill Spearman (Assemblyman), Louis Greenwald (Majority Leader), Virginia Betteridge (County Commissioner), Susan Shin Angulo (Cherry Hill Mayor), Jessica Rafeh (Pennsauken Mayor), Nicole Roberts (Pennsauken Deputy Mayor)

Route 70 Corridor Improvement : Key Facets

The project will upgrade traffic signals at 28 intersections, replace or install four Dynamic Message Signs, improve drainage, sidewalks, and resurface approximately 9 miles of Route 70 from Route 38 in Pennsauken through Cherry Hill to Cooper Avenue in Evesham.

The roadway surface will be upgraded the entire length of the project. In some areas it will be milling and resurfacing, and in others a full depth reconstruction. All concrete segments will be removed and replaced with asphalt.

According to questioning from, the roadway will not be widened, and it is expected that the center grass medians will also remain once completed.

Rt 70 Corridor Improvement Map, from the NJDOT project page (Image: NJDOT)

New Jersey utilities will also be involved, utilizing the roadway’s reconstruction effort to upgrade portions of their infrastructure which runs along the roadway.

  • PSE&G will replace 15,200 linear feet of cast iron gas main with 18,000 feet of 24″ steel gas main
  • New Jersey American Water will replace 14,500 linear feet of water main
  • Approximately 120 utility poles will be relocated, to accommodate upgraded sidewalks and curb ramps.

At 8.8 miles this becomes a very large road project, considering the number of streets and business driveways along Rt 70, not to mention coordination of all the utility work.

This is no “lay 2 inches of new asphalt and call it a day” effort.

To put this in perspective from a project cost perspective, consider the very prominent Missing Moves project also currently in place along the Bellmawr landfill connecting Rt 42 and 295…

The Missing Moves project with all of it’s new bridges, elevated roadways and a rebuild of the Creek Road bridge, clocks in at $180 Million, only 20% more than the Rt 70 project!

Then also factor in that the utility upgrade costs for Rt 70 are probably not in that $151 million price tag… the overall Rt 70 upgrade price tag starts getting very close the cost of the Missing Moves project!

Work has already started on portions of Route 70 in Cherry Hill. Grass medians have been stripped ahead of utility upgrade work.

Route 70 Corridor Improvement : Additional Details

NJDOT maintains a project description page at their website which does a good job of summarizing the project efforts.

In summary:

  • Roadway
    • Mill and overlay the roadway surface throughout project limits
    • Full depth roadway reconstruction along 3 miles of Rt 70
  • Pedestrian
    • Reconstruct curb and sidewalk in the majority of the corridor
    • Install new sidewalks to fill in missing gaps.
    • Reconstruct all 350 curb ramps in the project, to be ADA compliant
    • Reconstruct all driveways to businesses and residential
  • Safety
    • Upgrade traffic signals utilizing a connected Intelligent Transportation System.
      • All 27 traffic signals will monitor traffic and share information to dynamically adapt signalization and improve traffic flow.
    • LED street lights at signalized intersections.
    • Five cameras installed and two new Dynamic Message Signs.
    • Upgrade guardrails
  • Drainage
    • Culvert pipe replacement at McClellan Ave, Cropwell’s Brook and Conestoga Dr.
    • Replace retaining wall at Cropwell’s Brook
    • Six stormwater management basins to be added, and two water treatment devices.
  • Utility improvements as described earlier.
Route 70 Improvement Project is underway in Cherry Hill

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