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Route 295 North in Carney’s Point Area Closed for Several Days. Hawks Bridge Road Overpass Longer

Route 295 North in Carney’s Point Area Closed for Several Days.  Hawks Bridge Road Overpass Longer
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UPDATE: Route 295 Northbound through Carney’s Point reopened earlier this morning (Friday). Both directions of Route 295 are now open, but the Route 140/Hawks Bridge Road bridge over Route 295 remains closed in both directions. Images and more at this Update post

Route 295 Northbound in the Carney’s Point area (exit 2C) will be closed for several days as NJDOT engineers work to secure a damaged overpass which crosses over top of Route 295.

An exact timeline of how many days the Route 295 North closure will be, has not been determined.

The overpass bridge (Rt 140 / Hawk’s Bridge Road) is likely to be closed for a more significant timeframe, but NJDOT is still investigating to determine what repairs are needed and the timeline.

NJDOT’s traffic information site states: Motorists are advised to use the New Jersey Turnpike or US 130 Northbound as alternate routes.

A reader provided a short video clip taken soon after the Truck’s trailer haul hit the bridge. Above is a still image from that clip,

As you would expect this is negatively impacting local traffic in the area as significantly more cars are attempting to navigate local roads. was able to get an official update from the NJDOT media department:

NJDOT is in the process of making temporary repairs to the Route 140 Bridge over I-295. The goal is to reopen I-295 northbound as quickly and safely as possible, which we expect will take a few days. However, there is not an exact timeline. I-295 northbound traffic is currently being diverted to Route 130 northbound and motorists may also use the New Jersey Turnpike as an alternate route.

The Route 140 Bridge over I-295 is expected to remain closed for a longer period of time while a permanent repair can be designed and constructed.

NJDOT Media Team
Traffic Conditions Map from NJDOT’s 295 Northbound in the Carney’s Point area is currently closed for several days as crews work on the damaged overpass.

Tractor Trailer Hauling Forklift Slammed Bridge

On Tuesday evening a tractor trailer was hauling a large oversized forklift on the trailer, driving along Route 295.

Around 5pm the tractor-trailer tried to cross underneath the Hawks Bridge Road overpass, and the top of the forklift struck the underside of the bridge, causing significant damage to the core bridge support structure.

While I do not have photos to share at this time, I have seen a few images on social media and they show at least two of the structural steel I-beams (which support the bridge structure and decking) were significantly bent and mangled. Some concrete damage can also be seen.

It is possible that the force of the impact may have affected other areas of the bridge structure.

A primary goal of NJDOT and their contractors is to be able to safely reopen Route 295 Northbound.

While traffic will not be using the Hawks Bridge Road overpass, the engineering teams need to determine that the bridge is still structurally sound enough to stand without traffic on it, so that Route 295 Northbound traffic can move underneath safely.

As the NJDOT information states, it is expected to be a few days before Route 295 North in this segment around Carney’s Point reopens, but they are still analyzing the impacts and determining any necessary temporary improvements.