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Construction Behind Inspira Mullica Hill is a New Road to Connect 322 With Ellis Mill Road in Glassboro (CR 641 Spur)

Construction Behind Inspira Mullica Hill is a New Road to Connect 322 With Ellis Mill Road in Glassboro  (CR 641 Spur)
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From 55 North you can see the land clearing and construction taking place deep behind the new Inspira Hospital on Rt 322 in Mullica Hill.  This development is a new County Road called 641 Spur, which will connect Rt 322 at Inspira with Ellis Mill Road in Glassboro.   Basically they roadways are two adjacent exits on Rt 55, and this new road will give more direct access to the hospital from the South.

At each end of the new road there are two existing roads:

  • Neale Rd (Mullica Hill): Off of 322, this is the new road that functions as the main entrance into the new hospital (the hospital is off to the right).  The road currently extends past the hospital into the field in the back
  • Acorn Rd (Glassboro): This is an existing community road off of Ellis Mill Road, which while part of residential section, this road is mostly commercial.

The current phase of theproject is extending Neale Rd close to Acorn Rd, coming in close proximity to Rt 55 before turning towards Acorn.   In this phase the roadway will not connect to Glassboro’s Acorn Rd.   A future phase will connect the new road to Acorn Rd, and presumably require some additional work on Acorn Rd itself.

I saw a reference that this road was “required”, but I couldn’t find additional details on it.   Possibly as part of the hospital approval process?

From the County’s Road Work Updates page:

On December 4, 2019 the County of Gloucester began construction on the first phase of a new roadway between US Route 322, Mullica Hill Road and County Route 641, Ellis Mill Road in the Township of Harrison and the Borough of Glassboro. The new County roadway, County Route 641 SPUR will be an extension of the existing roadway at the new Inspira Hospital site in Harrison Township near the Route 55 interchange, and will connect to Dr. Leo McCabe Boulevard, formerly known as Acorn Drive in the Borough of Glassboro. The first phase of the project will extend the portion of existing roadway by the hospital to an area along Route 55 to the Harrison Township/Glassboro Border. No access will be available through to the Borough of Glassboro’s existing public streets in the first phase of the project and will not directly impact any existing residences and businesses other than Inspira Hospital and Rowan University’s athletic fields. A future phase will make the connection to Dr. Leo McCabe Blvd. (Acorn) and Ellis Mill Road. The contractor for the project is R.E. Pierson Construction and will be completed in approximately 7 months, weather permitting.