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On February 19, property owner Ganttown Equities was scheduled to appear before the Washington Township Planning Board to ask for approvals to build a second smaller building in their Ganttown and Egg Harbor Rd development (where Pat’s Select Pizza is located).  The new building is slated to become a freestanding Rizzieri Salon, according to planning board notices.

Rizzieri Salon currently has a location in the Virtua Health Facility on Egg Harbor Road.   We could not get in touch with anyone from Rizzieri to clarify if the location is moving over.  We do know that the gym facility previously located in the same Virtua building has closed.

The new building at Ganttown Rd is planned at 4,200 sq ft, which is about 1/3 the size of the current newer building.  Looking at the current site you can see closest to the corner there is a portion of grass carved out of the parking lot which could be the location of the new building.  On the other side of the existing building is additional clear property and could also be an option.

Based on the planning board notices this meeting should have already taken place.  My apologies for not having the solid answers to the questions…   Well we know Rizzieri wants to build at the Ganttown location, but I do not know yet if this was approved or the additional details.

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  1. The salon and vir tú spa vacated the Virtua health & wellness center at the end of April… So much has left the center but at the same time they are moving many former Lourdes offices into the vacant suites. And there is remodeling work going on. Remember they own the land but not the building, all spaces are leased. I’m interested in what their plans are, considering the Moorestown center is fully leased (and is much larger)!

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