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The remodeling project has been taking place for months at the former Friendship Community Church on Cross Keys Road, to turn it into a Renal Dialysis Clinic.  The property is owned by a Voorhees Doctor of Nephrology (Kidney specialist), and his team appeared before the Gloucester Township Planning Board in July 2019.  The photo at the top of this article was take earlier in 2020.

The location is the former church building between The Shoppes at Cross Keys (Bertucci’s) and the TD Bank on the corner.   One of those locations that on a busy highway you could drive by numerous times and not really notice it!   That being said, the property is a decent size and probably 2-3 times larger than the TD Bank next to it.

And yes, THIS WILL BE A NEW TAX RATABLE FOR GLOUCESTER TOWNSHIP.  The building was previously a non-profit church and according to documents attached to the Planning Board submission, as of Oct 2019 the building and property are no longer tax free.

If you aren’t familiar, dialysis is a medical process for people with damaged kidneys, when the kidneys are no longer able to remove wastes and excess fluid from the bloodstream efficiently.  People with these kidney problems visit dialyses centers on a regular basis so that medical equipment can do the work for them that the kidneys would do.

New medical offices aren’t something I typically post about… but this meets my “what’s that construction going on over at” criteria, as people see the work taking place and are genuinely curious.


Site Map

  • Red: The new Renal Dialysis Center
  • Purple: Bertucci’s
  • Green: TD Bank