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Xfinity Turnersville in Front of Target. Opened December 2017

Xfinity Turnersville in Front of Target.  Opened December 2017
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This one is only 7 months late, ha!   Xfinity expanded its full retail store presence with a new location in Turnersville, in a new building located in front of the Target Store on the Black Horse Pike.  We first reported on this new building back in March 2017, when at the time we only knew about the Mattress Warehouse moving in.

The comments at that time were mostly disappointment “another mattress place”, so after visiting the new Xfinity Store last weekend, I wanted to get a post up as it is a bit more than your old-school Comcast center.  And yes if you are in the immediate Turnersville area you should already know about this store, but those in surrounding communities may not.

So Comcast/Xfinity is expanding their offerings… they want to grow their business of course, but maybe “cord cutting” is also working against their sales, so the new Xfinity stores are looking to drive new revenue and improve the customer experience.  The Turnersville store is a very attractive and inviting location offering the traditional Cable/Internet product lines and support, but also showcasing security products and Xfinity MOBILE!   Yes, Xfinity is making a big push into cell phone subscriptions… and honestly when you walk into the store it has that “smart phone store” feel to it.

It really is a whole new world from the Audubon government style customer service center that I remember visiting.

What is not completely gone, is the potential wait for customer support.  I guess this is traditional with all of these types of stores (i.e. Cell Phones) and the Xfinity store does offer a nice seating area with television.

My experience return equipment:

My visit was simply to swap out cable boxes.  Two visits actually. I first went in and picked up a new box, which.. with no line I immediately met with a representative and was out the door in 10 minutes.  When I came back to return my other box, while the front desk person immediately took my equipment, I was told I had to wait for a representative to adjust my bill.  After 30+ minutes of waiting, I told the front desk person I was leaving and to ask a rep during their slow time to adjust my bill.  Of course a week later, the extra box was still on the account and I spent an hour on the phone to correct.   So while the new store is beautiful, I wonder if the old-school standard cable box support items get put into the same queue as someone signing up for a cell phone plan (a much lengthier process), and maybe at least in this situation I would’ve been better in the less fancy customer center?!

All that being said, it is a beautiful store and I encourage you to visit!
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Xfinity Store
3841 Route 42
Turnersville, NJ 08012