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Woodbury Heights: Construction Fencing at Former Bruster’s. Starbucks is Still Our Belief

Woodbury Heights: Construction Fencing at Former Bruster’s.  Starbucks is Still Our Belief

We first reported on the planned Starbucks for Route 45’s former Bruster’s Ice Cream location back in July 2017… and then not much has happened.  Well within the last few weeks construction fencing has appeared on the lot, which is a sign that something will start happening soon.   While it has been almost 18 months since the Bruster’s building came down, 42Freeway still believes that Starbucks is coming.

In the May 16, 2018 Council Meeting (PDF minutes) it was discussed “Starbucks construction should begin in June (2018) and be completed by the end of the year (2018)”.   That obviously did not happen.

Then the following month in the June 20, 2018 meeting (PDF)… the Starbucks construction was addressed again.  References were made to construction issues, and a “standing water” problem on the lot.

While June 2018 seems like a long time ago, and 2017 is even further away… this can be normal for commercial construction.  Considering the approvals that went into get this project started, it’s highly unlikely that something else is going in… so I’m doing my best estimating to say Starbucks is coming.

I’ll add that while I am not sure if it’s the same construction company is building both Deptford and Woodbury Heights stores, it seems that the new full Starbucks for Deptford has a completed exterior shell, so maybe that is a factor?   As construction winds down on Deptford they can move the construction team over to Woodbury Heights?  Pure theory on my part.

Starbucks (Brusters)
1008 Mantua Pike Rt 45
Woodbury Heights, NJ 08097

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