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We Went to the Deptford Super Wawa Grand Opening. Photo Post and Video!

We Went to the Deptford Super Wawa Grand Opening.  Photo Post and Video!
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On Friday October 22nd, Wawa opened up their latest “Super” Wawa convenience store in Deptford New Jersey. The new store is located on Clements Bridge Road.

Scroll down for photos of the store and the morning’s festivities… as well as video of the charity hoagie building contest feature Deptford’s Police, Fire and Students!

So more specifically the location is 1465 Clements Bridge Road in Deptford, which is across from the TD Bank… in the area of Lowe’s and Edge Fitness, and down the road from the Deptford Mall.

The festivities included T-Shirt giveaways, free coffee, and a fun “Hoagies for Heros” competition which pitted members of Deptford’s Police Department, Fire Department, and student athletes from Deptford High School against each other in a hoagie building contest! Photos and video below.

Each of the three groups were able to choose a charity, and Wawa donated $1000 to each of the charities.

The store is obviously all new.. fresh and bright! When we were inside there were a lot of people milling around so I may not have captured all the facets of the store, but it’s very similar to other recently opened stores.

One notable difference is because of the extra land available they were able to put in 4 rows of gas pumps (16 spots) and have a fair amount of space to maneuver your car around.

Wawa Deptford: Fans waiting for the ribbon cutting ceremony
Wawa Deptford: Marketing Team van and store. Giving out shirts and cupcakes
Wawa Deptford
Wawa Deptford: Plenty of room to fill-up your vehicle!
Wawa Deptford: Storewide shot!
Wawa Deptford: Coffee and sandwich are in the distance
Wawa Deptford: Ice Cold Drinks
Wawa Deptford: Sandwich prep area
Wawa Deptford: Wawa Special Pink T-shirts for Breast Cancer Awareness
Wawa Deptford: Store General Manager, Regional Managers and the Goose!
Wawa Deptford: Deptford Police Chief Frank Newkirk speaks
Wawa Deptford: Deptford Fire Department
Wawa Deptford: Getting Ready for the Hoagie Competition!
Wawa Deptford: Hoagie Building!
Wawa Deptford: Deptford High School Student Athletes Win! But it was a close race!

Wawa – Deptford
1465 Clements Bridge Rd
Deptford, NJ 08096