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Wawa Proposed for Logan Township Rt 322 Near Rt 130 Interchange. Planning Meeting Dec 12.

Wawa Proposed for Logan Township Rt 322 Near Rt 130 Interchange. Planning Meeting Dec 12.
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A proposed new Wawa on Rt 322 in Logan Township is up for full site plan approval on December 12th. Various stages of this project have already been approved, and this is the final Township step on the actual building site plan.

Due to Route 322 being a New Jersey State road, the State also needs to give final approval on the plans and that is still being finalized.

This Wawa has been reported on previously by other media outlets as it moved through earlier local approval stages. One significant added twist with this 42Freeway report (beyond that it’s moving to final approval) is I include a very clear property location and site plan diagram which were not previously published.

This new Wawa will sit within a new and massive warehouse district called Port Logistics Center at Logan along Rt 322, which started development somewhat recently but already has significant warehouse building development underway and completed.

Port Logistics Center at Logan is a large warehouse project along Rt 322. A Wawa convenience store is proposed there along Rt 322

As mentioned in the title, the project run along Rt 322, close to the Rt 130 interchange. Wawa will be located East of Rt 322 (North if following Rt 130).

For the larger warehouse project the developers set the warehouses back a bit off of Rt 322, leaving a buffer along Rt 322 for commercial retail development.

There is already a new 1 million square foot building developed in the area behind the proposed Wawa. That entire large building has been leased by Burlington Stores.

42Freeway will very soon have a full summary of the warehouse developments in that area. I still have some catching up to do!

The larger property where the Wawa and Burlington Warehouse are being developed, decades ago was the Bridgeport airfield. The airfield closed about 40 years ago, but remnants of the airfields remained all this time until the warehouse development started recently!

From project documents I located, it seems the Wawa has been in the mix for the larger project, for several years.

I mentioned other media coverage on this project as it received approvals along the way. In 2020 the developer gained approval for the overall project, focused on the warehouses. This past summer they were given zoning approval for the Wawa project, but simply getting an approval on “allowed use” of a retail store.

The meeting on December 12th is for the full property site plan approval from Logan Twp. Simply more specific to the building construction.

This area is becoming a major warehouse hub for the Mid-Atlantic region with numerous warehouses already developed, and many more planned including 5 million square feet at the Commodore Barry Bridge.

Port Logistics Center at Logan is a large warehouse project along Rt 322. A Wawa convenience store is proposed there along Rt 322. The property was decades ago the Bridgeport Airfield. (Map Image: Google)

Proposed Wawa at Port Logistics Center Logan Twp, NJ

The new “Super” Wawa will be 5,585 sq ft and include a gas pumps section (16 units) with canopy.

According to an article in the Courier Post the Wawa property will be 5.16 acres which is a fair amount of space for a Wawa and is literally three times the area of the under construction Wawa in Mt Laurel.

The new Logan Wawa will run along Route 322 (at a slight angle) and the gas pumps will be positioned to the side.

A Wawa convenience store is proposed along Rt 322 in Logan Twp. They will utilize recently developed traffic improvements which were added to support the 1 million sq ft warehouse behind it.

I don’t have full project renderings at this time, but the site plan seems to indicate the Wawa front entrance will be to the rear of the building (based on parking and handicap markings), facing away from Rt 322 and facing the warehouse behind it. I am checking with the Planning Board on this for clarification (and any other project documents).

For concerns around access to the Wawa property, the designers of the full logistic center smartly coupled the Wawa placement with the traffic improvements and signals that were needed for the 1 million square foot Burlington Warehouse.

There are actually three entrance/exits off of 322 to get into the new Wawa, as depicted by an early site plan that I have.

For those traveling 322 West, there is a turn in directly into the Wawa property. Similarly there is an exit on to 322 West directly from the Wawa parking lot.

But the new Wawa is directly connected to the large Warehouse’s traffic improvements and entrances.

This large lot in front of an even large warehouse on Rt 322 in Logan Twp is proposed to become a Wawa convenience store (Map Image: Google)

To the right of the Wawa property is the main entrance into the Warehouse area with new traffic signal. Wawa is accessible off of that entrance/exit and for those leaving Wawa and wanting to travel East towards 295, this would be the exit to take

A bonus entrance into the extended property was also developed, seemingly due to the expectation that significant traffic will be coming from 295. There is an angled “highway style” exit off of 322 West before that new traffic signal. This will allow trucks to more easily gain access into the Warehouse area and reduce intermingling with Wawa traffic.

I image in the meeting next week we’ll hear more about the traffic movements.

Links and Locations

Wawa at Port Logistics Center Logan Twp (Proposed)
Route 322
Logan Twp NJ

Logan Township Planning Board Meeting
Monday, December 12, 2022 : 7:00 P.M.
Logan Township Municipal Building
125 Main Street, Bridgeport, New Jersey