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Waffa Theory Dessert Shop Coming to Rowan Boulevard Glassboro in Early 2023

Waffa Theory Dessert Shop Coming to Rowan Boulevard Glassboro in Early 2023
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Waffa Theory is a new dessert shop coming to Glassboro’s Rowan Boulevard. Well it seems it will be much more than that!

The images on Facebook and Instagram show delicious baked goods and chocolatey treats, but their first Instagram post from October 1st describes the concept as:

The first of it’s kind bubble waffles, an unconventional take on the waffle, inspired by the craze sweeping through Asia.

Waffa Theory Instagram Oct 1, 2022. Coming in early 2023 to Rowan Boulevard Glassboro NJ

Awning signage is up at their upcoming store location which sits across from Chickie and Pete’s (to the side). Directly across the Boulevard is the Courtyard by Marriot Hotel. Interior work is underway at Waffa Theory.

Waffa Theory Dessert Shop is coming to Glassboro’s Rowan Boulevard in early 2023.

They have a prime corner location with plenty of windows on two sides and natural light. For a better understanding of location, Yogo Factory is located next directly to Waffa Theory in the same building and Pierogie Place is just around the corner in the same building.

The new Waffa Theory Facebook page states they are opening in early 2023!

Their social media presence is somewhat new, so as if this morning their Facebook page sits at 9 followers. They have started posting updates and teaser images of their delicious creation, so go follow their FB page to get the latest details. They also have Instagram.

And of course 42Freeway will be back for the grand opening to share with everyone what to expect from Waffa Theory!

Waffa Theory has a prime corner location across from Chickie and Pete’s restaurant, and the Courtyard hotel.

Bubble Waffles and More!?

News of Waffa Theory coming to Glassboro goes back to Sept 2021 when What Now Philly broke the story on the lease signing, which had actually happened earlier in 2021.

I saw the coverage last year but hadn’t posted anything here at 42Freeway because just as What Now described in their article, details on the concept have been a little bit scarce. I have reached out to ownership over the last year for details. I fully respect that at the time they didn’t want to reveal much on the concept!

But with the store signage up, interior construction happening, updates on their social media, and 42Freeway followers messaging me about the new eatery… I felt now was a good time to give a teaser of Waffa Theory!

As mentioned, their most prominent statement about the concept is they are dessert eatery would be bubble waffles.

Interior construction is underway at Waffa Theory dessert shop coming to Glassboro NJ.

If you aren’t familiar with bubble waffles, they are a based on a waffle batter but with some differences in the recipe which makes them a little more “pliable”. They at typically formed from a round mold that has small ball shaped bubbles connected with a thinner waffle portion, which adds to the flexible nature.

They can be prepared with a variety of dessert or fruit toppings and while they can be prepared flat, because of their pliable nature they can also be rolled into a cone and filled.

Who said dessert had to come after a meal? We approve of dessert being the main meal!

Waffa Theory Quote. Coming to Rowan Boulevard Glassboro in early 2023.

That being said the images shown on social media do not show bubble waffles! Waffa Theory so far online has been featuring baked treats which they call “Waffa Bites”

Lots of windows at their upcoming corner location will make Waffa Theory a bright spot to visit for delicious dessert treats!

Some of the baked goods feature chocolate and oat ingredients. There are dessert bar style, baked treats on a stick (like a cake pop) and even some in small dessert jars.

Adding to the fun and mystery, their images are tagged with the following keywords; waffle, crepes, pancake, chocolate, breakfast, brunch, nutella, and of course bubble waffle.

So it looks like we could be in for an big variety of creative deliciousness!

I’m really looking forward to learning more about Waffa Theory as they get closer to opening!

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