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Victory Sports Bar Berlin Twp All-Season Patio is Open

Victory Sports Bar Berlin Twp All-Season Patio is Open
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The Victory Sports Bar on Rt 73 in Berlin Township has completed there large expansion of adding an All-Season patio. Bright and modern it features another bar and plenty of seating.

I describe the the room as”All-Season” because it is configured with glass garage doors surrounding all three exterior walls.

Victory Sports Bar on Rt 73 Berlin Twp All-Season Patio addition is open!

When the weather is beautiful they can open up the doors and let the fresh breezes in just like an outdoor patio. When it’s too hot or cold… the doors can close to keep the nasty temperatures out, and the restaurant a comfortable temp.

We first covered this expansion back in early June, when during our visit core frame of the building was complete.

With the new addition complete they are currently redoing the exterior of the original section but I am not certain if the interior of the original restaurant will be seeing upgrades any time soon.

A new big and open space. Plenty of sunshine coming in, and this windows roll-up to let the fresh breezes in! Victory Sports Bar on Rt 73 Berlin Twp !

Today the Victory Sports Bar is a very large facility of three different sections. Each one of the sections are big enough to be their own independent establishment.

There is the original restaurant area is now on the far right side.

A lower level inside bar was to it’s left, and is now the center spot of the large bar.

And to the far left is the new all-season patio area.

It’s a large space in the Victory Sports Bar all-season patio addition!

Victory Sports Bar All-Season Patio

The new patio area adds almost 2,700 sq ft to the property. According to planning documents it offers an additional seating capacity of 53.

But it feels even large than that!

The new section exterior is very modern and inviting, with sloped roofs and the large windows. As mentioned they are also upgrading the original portion of the building which I assume is to give the property an consistent exterior look.

The still have the inside bar, but now a new bar awaits in the patio addition of Victory Sports bar!

Inside the new patio area there is a large bar along the interior wall that seats about 20 people.

There is a large draft beer tap system. I wish I had counted when I was there but from my photo I want to say there are at least 28 taps in that main system. It’s a fully functional bar with refrigerator and full alcohol setup.

A new entrance was also created where the new addition connects to the original bar area, and it includes a hostess area.

I’m not 100% clear if the old entrance is being removed, or if they will have 2?

A new entrance and hostess stand leads to the new patio dining area and bar. There is another passageway in the back to the original restaurant. Victory Sports Bar on Rt 73 Berlin Twp.

The style is light grey and tan with modern metal chairs and tables.

At least 16 televisions are in the new area, and they smartly positioned two overhead “island” of televisions in the center of the room.

Outside is a bonus area that I did not expect. They created a casual outdoor area in the back with Adirondack chairs, tables and umbrellas.

A second section is being prepared behind it.

A bonus outdoor area to relax awaits you at Victory Sports Bar 0n Berlin Twp

Victory already had a large parking lot on the right side of the property, and with the addition they now have a second new one on the left.

It’s 100% all one restaurant building.. but it some ways it’s more than one!

New space means new parking. A second parking lot was added on the left side A bonus outdorr area to relax awaits you at Victory Sports Bar Berlin Twp NJ

The configuration means you absolutely could park and visit the new section without ever entering the original building. Well.. the bathrooms are in the original section!

Food? Well I’ve had a lot of restaurant posts lately and trying them all out… but for my Victory visit I was really short on time so I didnt get a chance to dig deep into the menu.

I guess I’ll just have to go back again!

The full restaurant and sports bar complex. Quite the facility! They are currently working on upgrading the original building exterior.

Links and Location

Victory Bar & Grill
795 New Jersey Route 73
Berlin Township, NJ 08091

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Victory Sports Bar on Rt 73 Berlin Twp All-Season Patio addition is open!