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Victory Bar & Grill in Berlin Twp Indoor/Outdoor Patio Addition Underway

Victory Bar & Grill in Berlin Twp Indoor/Outdoor Patio Addition Underway
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The Victory Bar & Grill on Route 73 in Berlin Twp NJ is moving fast on a large expansion project which will add an indoor/outdoor patio area with a (second) bar to the property.

The new addition is being developed with a full roof, but including EIGHT garage door style rollup window walls to let the outside in!

Victory can pick and choose when to open things up to the outside, or close it up tight and make it a comfortable additional indoor space with heating and air conditioning.

The project moved through Berlin Twp planning almost exactly a year ago.

Victory Bar & Grill building site plan segment. The green is the new patio area. The pink highlight designates exterior landscaping areas and an accessible ramp. The original indoor bar is in the center, and the dining area on the right is not in this image.

I caught up with management today who were very excited to see the project moving along.. but I forgot to ask what their expected opening timeframe is for opening the new addition!

Victory Bar & Grill is open during construction and from what I saw today, there is really no interruptions to guests inside the original building.

The Victory Bar & Grill entrance today, on Route 73 in Berlin Twp NJ

Much More Than Just a Patio

Absolutely calling it a “patio” is the right term to describe the new addition under development at the Victory Bar & Grill. But then that doesn’t seem to express how significant this upgrade will be!

I think many would hear “patio” and think of a small and fully open-air space.

But no, this addition alone is as big as many other Camden County bars!

The new space is being added to the left end of the building, attached to the side of the area with the lower indoor bar.

The current bar & restaurant was developed on two levels with the indoor bar on the lower level. This new addition will be at that same level as the lower bar.

A peek inside the addition. The large opening is just one of eight areas where rolling windowed garage doors will be installed. You can also see they have started framing the bar along the inside wall.

The new patio area will add almost 2,700 sq ft to the property, and an additional seating capacity of 53.

The new addition will wrap a bit around to the front of the building, where a new entrance will be added in the the front of the building somewhat in front of the existing bar. A dedicated hostess stand and waiting area will be located here, with access to both the new patio area and the current interior bar area.

A new entrance is being developed, with a waiting area and hostess stand.

The new patio area bar will seat about 20 people and will be positioned along the interior wall which previously was the outside of the building.

By placing the new bar as they have, the remaining three walls of the new addition are free to be opened up to the outside… with plenty of light and breezes to roll in!

Even the patio… has a patio! Behind the new addition is a 100% outdoor area for smoking.

And of course significant landscaping will be in place around the restaurant, as well as a handicap accessible ramp.

The current indoor bar is running smoothly.. they don’t even know construction is taking place right outside!

Additionally, the parking lot on that left side will be redeveloped and offer 37 parking spots. And of course Victory still has the large lot on the right side of the building.

Considering they also have the original restaurant seating on the far right of the building… it reads like a lot of space!

And it is… so much room for activities!

But it will give them and customers a lot of flexibility with their dining options. The indoor bar to catch the game, the inside restaurant area for a more traditional dining experience, and also the new indoor/outdoor patio for breezes and fun.

While I didn’t ask for plans about live entertainment, you can definitely envision an acoustic act setup out on the new patio entertaining that crowd while those inside aren’t really aware! Options!

We’ll update readers as they get closer to opening!

Street level view of the Victor Bar & Grill patio expansion in Berlin Twp NJ

Links and Location

Victory Bar & Grill
795 New Jersey Route 73
Berlin Township, NJ 08091

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Full property site plan for Victory Bar & Grill on Rt 73 in Berlin Twp NJ. Pink is the current building and kitchen. Green is the new addition under development. The grey to the left is upgraded parking. Grey to the right is existing parking.