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Utah’s Crave Cookies Coming to Deptford’s “Sam’s Club” Shopping Center

Utah’s Crave Cookies Coming to Deptford’s “Sam’s Club” Shopping Center
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Deptford New Jersey is the latest planned location for Utah’s Crave Cookies! They previously announced a location for Cross Keys Rd (Gloucester Twp) and now also coming to Northeast Philadelphia.

Earlier this month we shared with readers that they were opening a Crave Cookies location on Cross Keys Rd. in Gloucester Township

Crave Cookies started in 2019 entering the premium cookie market with a few twists. A big distinction is they feature “filled” cookies As an example this week one of their choices is The Twix which has a caramel filling inside!

Crave Cookies offers filled cookies as well as Loaded Sodas! Coming to Deptford NJ and Gloucester Township (Cross Keys)

The upcoming Deptford location is in the popular Deptford Landing Shopping Center on Clements Bridge Road, which is also home to Sam’s Club, Walmart, Panera Bread, Five Guys and other top retailers.

Just this week the local franchise operator put up the coming soon signage across all of the front windows of the store.

Very specifically the unit is centrally located in the row of stores on the right, in what was previously a Great Clips location. It seems Great Clips Deptford closed very recently.

Crave Cookies will be situated to the right of the Five Guys Burger Restaurant, with Deluxe Nails on the other side.

Overall it’s an awesome location because within very close walking distance is PetSmart, Five Below, Carters, Hand and Stone and other great retailers.  These are all stores that generate a lot of foot traffic, particularly in a similar demographics to a premium cookie store

We don’t have an exact timeline for when the build out will be finished and the store opened, as the deal was literally signed days ago… but it’s clear they are hoping to move very quickly on the project and get the doors open soon.

Crave Cookies is coming to Deptford’s popular Deptford Landing Shopping Center, to be located next to Five Guys burgers.

I’ve been in communication with franchise owner Steve who with his brother Fred are the two brothers who own these upcoming Philadelphia area Crave Cookies locations.  Steve is a VERY local guy currently living in Washington Township, and just a few years ago was living in Deptford NJ!

And because many will mention it in the Facebook comments, yes there is a Crave dessert bakery in Pitman NJ (and Mullica Hill). Crave Cookies and Crave Pitman are not affiliated.

With Steve living in Washington Township (and Deptford previously), he is very aware of the awesome independent bakeries in the area and had this to say:

“Plenty to go around for everyone to be happy! I want everyone to be successful”

Steve V, local franchise operator of the upcoming Crave Cookies

Crave Cookies… Filled Cookies and Loaded Sodas

Crave Cookies started in 2019 in Utah with the owners looking to create a cookie that taste like it came right from grandma’s oven. All of their recipes use the best ingredients including real butter.

Utah is also where Crumbl started, as well as another young but growing cookie franchise… Dirty Dough.

At Crave Cookies they also offer 6 different varieties of cookies each week, and rotate through a full menu of 100+ recipes.

As mentioned earlier, one big distinction at Crave Cookies is they also feature “filled” cookies. As an example a few weeks ago one of their choices was Oreo Cheesecake which has a New York cheesecake filling inside!

Utah's Crave Cookies is coming to Gloucester Township NJ
Utah’s Crave Cookies is coming to Deptford and Gloucester Township NJ

But even when the recipe does not call for a filling, they seem to load the cookie up with extra deliciousness…chocolate chips, mint chips and fruity pebbles are just a few of their special ingredients spread throughout the cookie..

Crave Cookies also promote certain styles as a “warm cookie” or “cold cookie”. The warm varieties are served fresh from a hot oven! Just like Granma’s Oven!

Great Clips in Deptford recently closed. A Crave Cookies bakery will be moving into the unit later this year.

Another unique offering are the Loaded Sodas! You pay for the soda and then a small upcharge for the flavor options. The Florida location right now is showing 18 different choices including:

  • Fruity Dew (Mountain Dew, Mango Purée, Strawberry Purée)
  • Summer Sweet (Dr. Pepper, Coconut, Watermelon)
  • Southern Sunrise (Sprite, Strawberry, Watermelon, Peach)

They take things even a few steps further and put the recipe for their signature sugar cookie and frosting right on their website. You could literally print it out right now and make one of their signature cookies right at home… as you wait for one of the Philadelphia/South Jersey locations to open!

Links and Location


Crave Cookies – Deptford
2000 Clements Bridge Rd #107
Deptford, NJ 08096

Crave Corporate Website

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