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Two ModWash Locations in Gloucester Twp, Drone Image Construction Update

Two ModWash Locations in Gloucester Twp, Drone Image Construction Update
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The ModWash car wash company has two locations under development in Gloucester Township NJ and we are bringing readers a photo update on the status of those construction projects.

A location on Blackwood Clementon Rd at the site of the former Nifty Fifty’s restaurant appears to be getting much later in the development cycle, whereas a second Gloucester Twp location on Cross Keys Rd at New Brooklyn-Erial Road is much earlier in the development cycle.

I visited both of these locations this week and put the drone up to get updated images on the progress of these developments.

After a slower start, the ModWash Car Wash for New Brooklyn-Erial Road at Cross Keys Rd is seeing core construction, with the building and stormwater basin foundations in place.

ModWash is a newer car wash operator who is on a rapid growth plan to develop 100 locations in the US, within a few short years. Their Corporate website indicates they have 62 locations open!

Their facilities are new and modern car washes featuring the latest automated technology, as well as an extensive number of vacuum systems. They also offer monthly unlimited membership plans.

In our area they already have locations opened in Washington Township (next to Chick-fil-A), Sicklerville at Berlin Cross Keys Rd (across from the Tilted Kilt), Cherry Hill, Vineland, and Millville.

The already opened Sicklerville location, and the upcoming New Brooklyn-Erial Road location both sit on the busy Berlin Cross Keys Rd and are located about 2 miles apart.

I have a video in process regarding the growth of the car wash in the area, and the nation.

ModWash Blackwood-Clementon Rd

42Freeway brought news of this mod wash location to readers back in September of 2021

The Blackwood-Clementon Rd location is being developed at the site of the former Nifty Fifties restaurant.  For a short while the property also was home to a medical office.

In our visit this week the core car wash building is constructed, although the tunnel doors were closed so we could not determine if the car wash equipment was installed.

Another sign of progress is the construction fencing was recently removed.

ModWash at Blackwood-Clementon Road is far along in the development process. Workers currently are focused on exterior features.

At the car wash workers were outside installing the decorative blue exterior building tile, while other crews appear to be working on the early stages of the landscaping aspects.

Much of the concrete and asphalt road surfaces are in place, but there are a couple areas where additional surfaces need to be completed.

A distinctive element of a ModWash car wash is the large looping exterior vacuum stations, and they have not been installed yet.

The location has a still empty Pizza Hut building directly next to it, and just past that a Wawa convenience store and gas station is also under construction.

A Wawa is also being developed on Blackwood-Clementon Road, a few hundred feet from ModWash. I’ll have more coverage on the Wawa shortly.

So while I am not clear on what their anticipated opening date of the ModWash is, they do appear to be far along in the process. But I’m gonna hedge that by saying there’s still a bunch of things to be done! Ha!

I’ll also note that about a block and 1/2 away from this car wash location, competitor Take 5 applied to the Gloucester Township Zoning Board to also develop a car wash on Blackwood-Clementon road, on the lot where the United Check Cashing business is located.

We are confirming the status of that project approval with the Township.

Take 5 Car Wash Planned For Blackwood-Clementon Rd Gloucester Twp, Next To Republic Bank
Take 5 Car Wash Planned For Blackwood-Clementon Rd Gloucester Twp, Next To Republic Bank. A Wawa and ModWash are already under development on the roadway.

ModWash New Brooklyn-Erial Road at Cross Keys Road.

The car wash location on New Brooklyn-Erial road went to the Gloucester Township Zoning Board back in July 2020.

At the time I was not clear that it was going to be a ModWash brand. It’s since been confirmed that it is. In fact the location is now featured on the ModWasg corporate website as “Coming Soon”.

Approximately 18 months later in May of 2022, we reported that construction vehicles were on site, dirt was being moved, and the project construction was underway.

That being said, things have moved a little slower on this location than their others. We are not clear on those details and the timing.

Modwash Berlin Cross Keys
Modwash at New Brooklyn – Erial Road at Berlin Cross Keys Rd.

But in our visit this week we could see that crews are now actively working on the project. The core building foundation is in place, as well as a large stormwater management basin and retaining wall positioned along Cross Keys Rd and the corner.

Customers will have access into the car wash property from both Cross Keys Rd and New Brooklyn Erial Rd.

Core development of the Wawa is underway at New Brooklyn – Erial Road.
Modwash Cross Keys and New Brooklyn Erial
Modwash site plan for Cross Keys and New Brooklyn Erial Rd

Links and Location

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