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Traffic Jams at Popeyes? It’s a New Chicken Sandwich and We Give it a Try (Video)

Traffic Jams at Popeyes?  It’s a New Chicken Sandwich and We Give it a Try (Video)
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The fervor for the new Popeyes Chicken Sandwich is reaching it’s peak with locations around the country selling out.  The excitement comes from the belief that this new sandwich could be better than Chik-Fil-A… and that apparently is something people have so see… err… taste to believe.

Every large media outlet (Washington Post, Arizona Central) has a story on the Popeyes Chicken Sandwich phenomenon!  So of course 42Freeway needs one too!  But seriously people are asking what’s going on at area locations.

In our area the Popeyes locations in Blackwood, Turnersville, Glassboro and Lawnside are bursting at the seams with customers wanting to try the new sandwich… and all of the local town Facebook groups have posts “Anyone know what’s going on at Popeyes Chicken today? There was a line on Blackwood Clementon Rd to get in.”   An reader comment said the Glassboro location ran out early on Saturday and had to lock the doors to the store to manage the chaos!

Popeyes Chicken Blackwood. Photo from reader Eric B. Cars back up onto Blackwood-Clementon Rd and Eric says the line was 10 cars longer than what photo shows.

So today Mark from gave the new Popeyes Chicken Sandwich a try, and in the style of popular YouTube Channel The Report of the Week, we do our version of “sitting in the driver seat while eating fast food” tasting review.   Well… maybe I don’t get too much into the review.  But you do get to see my half-eaten sandwich! Fun!