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Tonewood Brewing Barrington Sets Grand Opening for January 22, 2022!

Tonewood Brewing Barrington Sets Grand Opening for January 22, 2022!
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The long awaited second location of the beloved Tonewood Brewing is set to open in Barrington NJ this Saturday, January 22nd! They will be open from Noon to 10pm!

This was made official by the brewery themselves today, when they released the news with a short drone style tour of the facility.

The original Oaklyn NJ brewery will continue to be open and will likely focus on specialty beers.

Tonewood’s Official Preview video (from Facebook) is at the bottom of this post.

Tonewood’s Barrington plans were announced 2 years ago when they went to Planning Board. Back in May 2021 we posted a construction update.

Tonewood Brewing Barrington: Opens January 22nd, 2022

From Lumberyard to Brewery

The Barrington property on Clements Bridge Road at Atlantic Ave (close to the White Horse Pike) was for many decades known as Mr Roberts Lumber. This is a great example of a new business repurposing a previously closed building and making it new and exciting again!

Tonewood Brewing has completed a beautiful and extensive remodel of the building which looks more like all new construction!

The large indoor wood storage warehouse area now makes up the core of the brewery operations, with its tall ceilings perfect for housing the large brewery equipment and tanks needed for a fast growing brewery operation.

The front of that large warehouse like storage area is now all glass, and we can see that inside the front portion is the main bar serving area.

Tonewood Barrington is developed at the site of the former Mr Roberts Lumber. Excellent example of empty building reuse!
Mr Roberts Photo courtesy of area photographer John. Visit his Flickr page!

Heading down the front Clements Bridge Road side were brick fronted offices, and Tonewood has opened up that building to the larger brewery building, and added tables for additional customer seating.

With the brewing equipment and large tanks sharing the space with the tasting area, Tonewood has decided to really blend the experience for their customers by adding a second floor catwalk like area where you can sit and enjoy your fresh Tonewood beer sitting up above the main brewing area!

Also in place outside is a large exterior grain silo which will become a new signature icon of the property.

Tonewood has a license in Barrington to support the production of 50,000 barrels a year which is eight times the volume of their original Oaklyn location. That doesn’t mean they have all the equipment in place today for that volume.. well they have significantly increased the size of the current production equipment and will be able to brew in multiple shifts if needed.

A Jim Walsh Courier Post article from 2 years ago quotes co-founder Eli Facchinei as saying:

The eye-catching design will offer a “Willie Wonka beer experience,”…referring to a 1971 fantasy film about contest winners who tour a chocolate factory.

Tonewood Brewering Co-founder Eli Facchinei, to the Courier Post Jan 2020

And from what we’ve seen from being at the new site, as well as the promo video… it definitely feels that Tonewood has delivered on those plans!

If you’ve visited and are a fan of the Oaklyn location, the size difference will be striking, and immediately apparent in the tasting room area.

Oh and let’s not forget, they have an area in the front along Clements Bridge Road, for an outdoor patio running along the brick portion of the building.. which will be easily accessible to the inside via the multiple folding glass doors.

Tonewood Barrington front patio area along Clements Bridge Road.
Glass folding doors will open to connect to the tasting rooms!

While the new Barrington Building looks perfectly suited as a restaurant also, there will NOT be any food available, because in New Jersey a brewery license does not allow for food sales.

Another interesting restriction is each of the two locations for Tonewood can only sell the beer that is made in each building. Meaning if they move the more popular high volume beers to the larger facility only, they couldnt ship them over to Oaklyn. Likewise, with their plans to brew more specialty beers in Oaklyn, if they are only made in Oaklyn then they cant be sold in the Barrington location.

We are excited to see this new destination brewery coming to Barrington… and ecstatic they are opening.

This is a great location just blocks away from Route 295, and easy access to so many area towns via the White Horse Pike, Clements Bridge Road and more, and will definitely bring more foot traffic to the Clements Bridge small-town main street business district.

Across the intersection sits “The Old Rail Tavern” which I strongly believe this is a case where the two somewhat competing businesses will help each other, in that the Brewery will bring new people in to the area, and a number of them will head across the street to check out The Rail for some food and a drink. (The Rail Facebook)

Tonewood Brewing Barrington parking along Atlantic Ave, at the rear of the property

Tonewood Brewing Official Preview Video (Facebook)

Links and Locations

Tonewood Brewing Oaklyn IS OPEN
215 W Clinton Ave
Oaklyn NJ 08107

Tonewood Brewing Barrington : Opens Saturday Jan 22, 2022!
50 Clements Bridge Road
Barrington NJ 08007




Mr Roberts Photo courtesy of area photographer John. Visit his Flickr page!