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Tim Hortons Building Frame is UP in Stratford. Timmies Really is Coming!

Tim Hortons Building Frame is UP in Stratford.  Timmies Really is Coming!
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The new Tim Hortons Donut and Coffee Shop being developed in Stratford took a giant leap in progress, when what feels like overnight… the core building appeared on the White Horse Pike property!

At 42Freeway we like to call out different key milestones of a development process, and seeing a building rise from the dirt is a significant one as all too many times we’ve seen a lot cleared out for a project, and then it just sits there for way too long.

But the developers at Tim Horton’s are now positioned to move quickly on the new Canada based donut shop. Seeing a building start to go up means that all of the approval steps are cleared.

The Stratford location is rising on a corner property of White Horse Pike at New Road, which enters into the Patco property. A TD Bank sits next to Tim Hortons property, and across the street is the old Bradlees property which has a new Dollar General out front, and a Royal Farms is still planned to be developed.

Tim Hortons Stratford: Located on the White Horse Pike at New Road

At this point of the process, there really shouldn’t be anything regulatory to slow down the Tim Horton developers. Honestly factoring in the impactful 2020 we all had, this is fairly quick progress since they were first commented on by the Stratford Mayor back in 2019 (South Jersey Observer).

One of these days I’ll do a post or video on the approval processes and stages of a development project such as this. But for now…

Tim Hortons

The first thing to learn about Tim Hortons is there is no “apostrophe”. It’s just HORTONS.

And in Canada they call it “Timmies”

Timmies is a Canadian based Donut and Coffee shop. And in their mind they are a donut shop first, and a coffee place second. But that’s just semantics. The best way to describe them is; Canada’s Dunkin.

The name Tim Hortons comes from one of their founders, a Canadian hockey player for the Toronto Maple Leafs who with a partner started the chain in 1964. They really love their hockey in Canada. And Tim Hortons celebrates their Canadian roots.

Today there are over 4,600 Tim Horton restaurants in 14 countries, and they are Canada’s largest quick-service restaurant chain.

The Company is owned by RBI, which also own Burger King and Popeyes. This comes from a 2014 buyout by Burger King which allowed Burger King to keep their Miami Headquarters, but position the parent company in Toronto next to Tim Hortons.

Tim Hortons Stratford NJ Building Is Taking Shape!

We first reported on Tim Horton’s construction progress back in October with commentary based on an update from the Stratford Mayor. At the time it was thought to be open in early 2021.

Two months later we reported when the lot was cleared ahead of the the development.

42Freeway has never been to a Tim Hortons, but is excited by this project.

Yes we are crazy for coffee down here in South Jersey… but it’s a crowded market. So it would seem.

But to get a completely new and iconic brand in South Jersey to help satiate our coffee and donut cravings is awesome… and to see them choose Stratford is even better!

I mean, if that isn’t clear.. there aren’t any Tim Hortons in our area. Looks like one or two in New York. Another in Allentown PA. And a couple below us in Delaware and Maryland that are part of military bases.

But for the large Philadelphia metro market… the Statford location is the first.

We love our Wawa coffee. We love our Dunkin Donuts. And based on drive-thru lines it seems we are also becoming Starbucks fanatics.

And in Canada it’s all about Tim Hortons. They are iconic in Canada with a cult following that spreads to everyone who visits canada.

And soon we’ll all get a chance to order a “Double Double”, Tim Bits, and get a chance to Roll up the Rim to Win!

In my October 2020 post I ramble on about the coffee industry in our area, the power of Dunkin… well just my general thoughts. Give it a read here.

At this time we do not have an expected opening timeframe.

White Horse Pike Week?

Have I mentioned I also own I haven’t put a site up there.. decided to keep things consolidated with 42Freeway. But it’s just an indication that I see the White Horse Pike as its own common commercial district.

And right now the Pike is Popping! Stratford themselves have many things to report on.

This past Saturday my wife and I took a drive around to area stories I’ve been covering in the northern end of my turf, and 42Freeway has about 10 posts to get out this week just for the White Horse Pike alone.

There are new businesses that have opened. New that are under development. And a few that have been promised, but we know they are still coming.

We just posted about the Freebyrd Chicken restaurant taking over the former Checker’s building at the busy Laurel Road intersection. Up soon are Philadelphia Provision, Weber’s… and a new Cider Brewery is planned further up the road in a nearby town.

So White Horse Pike travelers and residents, keep an eye out this week for a lot more!

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