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Tilted Kilt Sicklerville Preview Photos! Opens Monday Oct 5!

Tilted Kilt Sicklerville Preview Photos!   Opens Monday Oct 5!
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Gloucester Township continues its own streak of big openings, with the long awaited Tilted Kilt restaurant opening on Monday, October 5th at 11am.  42 Freeway was there for the VIP preview party on Saturday, and we have the exclusive preview photos of the beautiful restaurant and servers!   (Note: Hobby Lobby also opens the same day!)

So what is Tilted Kilt?
I’ve covered the construction and the restaurant theme in prior posts, and for more detail you should check out “Bar Week: Tilted Kilt Gloucester Township“.

At it’s core, the Tilted Kilt is a sports bar with a higher-end décor.  The Sicklerville location has 40 HD televisions, and all the great menu items you would expect such as delicious sandwiches, entrees and wings!

Tilted Kilt Craft Beers

Tilted Kilt Craft Beers

They also have an impressive draft beer selection, and one that may be the largest in the 42Freeway coverage area.  I forgot to ask, but I count 25 taps on the front side of the bar, and guess what… it looks like another row of taps on the other side!  Could it be 50 beers on tap?!

Awesome televisions, beautiful construction and décor, an awesome beer collection… you’d think that would be enough to pull in the crowds.

But the most distinguishing feature of Tilted Kilt are the uniforms, and the servers.  Sexy, beautiful and fit servers are a key part of the Corporate plan.

There’s no denying that the Tilted Kilt is in the same category as more well-known chain Hooters, where fit women in distinctive uniforms have been well-known to New Jersey residents for decades.  But Tilted Kilt raises the bet on uniforms… going “all in” with a small Scottish kilt, white shirt and a knotted plaid top in the front… and a lot of exposed mid-section.  If you’ve ever browsed the Halloween section at the back of Spencer’s in the mall, then you are familiar with the Tilted Kilt uniform.

As mentioned in prior posts, I’ve been to the King of Prussia location and the now closed Clearwater, Florida location.. and every time we’ve gone, the servers are incredibly cheerful, beautiful, and they genuinely seem proud to wear the uniform, and Sicklerville was no different!Tilted Kilt

Don’t be fooled though, while their primary target audience is adults, it is not an “adult” venue.  Families are welcome, and they even have promotional events such as “Father’s Day Kids Eat Free”

Sicklerville Gloucester Township
The new Tilted Kilt is located on Cross-Keys road, very close to the Atlantic City expressway entrance.  But where everyone is familiar with heading towards Berlin to get to Bertucci’s, Texas Roadhouse and other restaurants, Tilted Kilt is in the other direction, located in front of the Tractor Supply store and next to a Friendly’s restaurant.

The new restaurant has some similarities to the Clearwater location, with a large bar along one wall (with access to the outside patio), a long elevated table situated next to the bar, and a large area for tables.

The Sicklerville location was brighter and more open.  There are no walls separating the sections of the restaurant, although the bar is buffered from the seating area by the long elevated seating area.

The Scottish theme is readily apparent and executed well.  The mixture of wood and theming gives it a lot of character.  Not to disparage Buffalo Wild Wings, but many of their locations seem like black painted drywall walls that could be swapped out for another theme over a weekend.  But at the Tilted Kilt the Scottish theme seems “baked” into the design.

On the side of the building is a decent sized outside covered patio.  There is a fire-pit seating area, many tables, and it looks like the bar will have direct access to serving patrons outside.

As mentioned in my prior articles, another interesting aspect of this restaurant is its owner; Amol Kohli:

“A very interesting aspect of the new Tilted Kilt, is its owner.  Amol Kohli is only 26 years old, and has already had success with several national chains.  In 2012, the Daily Journal featured the story of Mr Kohli who made his big splash by successfully taking over several Friendly’s restaurants… two in New Jersey and five in Pennsylvannia (at the time of the 2012 story).   In 2014 Drexel University put him on their “40 under 40” list, and noted he has 12 franchises already, at the age of 25.”

Enough already!!  A picture is worth 1000 words!

We have a few photos here in the blog post, but I am trying something different this time around by putting the images on Facebook.  There are 30+ images and I tried to cover everything, from the building, the restaurant, the servers and even the Grand Opening ceremony and the awarding of the official Tilted Kilt seal.

So head over to Facebook and check out the pics; Like, Tag and Comment.   But keep it nice, guys!

Tilted Kilt VIP Preview Party Photos at Facebook


And again, check out my prior post on the Tilted Kilt

Tilted Kilt Sicklerville
645 Cross-Keys Road
Sickerville / Gloucester Township NJ
(856) 318-7059

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