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Three Runnemede Dispensary Projects In-Play. Two Scheduled for Review Tonight (Wed 10/26)

Three Runnemede Dispensary Projects In-Play. Two Scheduled for Review Tonight (Wed 10/26)
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We are aware of three Runnemede dispensary projects moving through State and local approval processes. Tonight (Wed 10/26) the Runnemede Planning/Zoning board features TWO applications. And the third one may be discussed?

The Runnemede Planning/Zoning meeting is scheduled for TONIGHT Wednesday October 26, 2022 at 7:00 p.m. (in-person). Runnemede Municipal Building. Address at bottom

For the Ciechanowski funeral home property, if the dispensary is approved we are told the funeral home will continue as a business, operating out of another location!

For the two dispensaries tonight, one location was already given “conditional use” approval in September and is looking for site plan approval (construction). The other is following closely behind in the approval stage and is looking for conditional-use and site plan approval

A third also waiting to be considered, although I’ve been told by citizens Runnemede cannabis retail ordinance sets the cap at “Two” for the number of retailers in town. I’ve since determined that Ordinance No 21-13 sets the max number of licenses for Runnemede as two.

While Runnemede is not a large town with only around 8,000 residents, the combination of being in an older, dense residential area of Camden County, and two well traveled roads cutting through town… leads to it attracting attention of dispensary operators.

That being said all three Runnemede dispensary projects in the application/approval process area really along the Black Horse Pike (Cottonmouth is one building in off of Black Horse Pike)

Cottonmouth Dispensary: 10 E Clements Bridge Rd, which is the building behind Cooper Urgent Care. They were granted a conditional-use approval in September. This meeting is to review the site plan changes, ahead of necessary construction to the existing building and property

Phasal Dispensary: 1100 N Black Horse Pike (funeral home). This property is directly next to the New Jersey Turnpike. They are looking for conditional-use approval at the location, and minor site plan approval

A third dispensary seems to be just starting out with their approvals and I believe they will be discussed tonight.

Greenhouse Gardens: 413 N Black Horse Pike which was the former Runnemede Borough Hall and Police station. I see references to it at South Jersey Observer and Dan’s View on Runnemede. At first I could not located the item in public legals, buy it did appear in a Runnemede agenda under “Completion Review”

Here is a summary rundown of the three Runnemede dispensary projects “in-play”

Cottonmouth Dispensary

Cottonmouth Dispensary was granted a conditional use approval in September. In the Runnemede agenda they are listed as; 10 E Clements Bridge Road LLC.

Honestly getting conditional use approval is one of the toughest steps, and Cottonmouth has that. Conditional-use approval is needed one some aspects of the proposed project do not 100% match the town’s local ordinance on cannabis retailers. If you pass this step, then it’s basically site plan/construction approvals.

(Related: Dispensaries in Blackwood and Mt Laurel were both denied for their locations)

The existing building for Cottonmouth sits directly behind the corner Cooper Urgent Care, and is across from the newer Runnemede Municipal Buildings and Police station.

The Cottonmouth building sits at the corner of Clements Bridge Rd and St Clair Rd.

At one time the building was a CVS store.

While I don’t remember this, I see in older news reports that in the early 2000s the building was also once used as a Family Dollar.

Runnemede does an awesome job making proposed project documentation available on their website ahead of the meetings.

For the Cottonmouth project I do see building site plan documents but an interior store layout is not included by Cottonmouth. I am not sure that is necessary at this stage and may have been reviewed in the September meeting as part of the “security review” questioning that seems to be a part of dispensary approvals.

So I believe this is more about, does the property plan match requirements for parking, lighting, signage etc.

Phasal Dispensary

The Phasal Dispensary if approved, is likely to be one of the most grand and attractive dispensaries in New Jersey.

The are looking to move into the Ciechanowski Funeral home building on the Black Horse Pike, which is the last building in town before the turnpike.

The building almost looks like a large and stately “McMansion” that would feature a lot of front windows, and side garage.

But no.. it has operated as a funeral home.

UPDATE: The family funeral home will continue to operate, relocated to a new location!

Apparently with the approval, the funeral home will cease operations at this site.

According to online realtor sites, the building and property were listed for sale recently initially targeting a funeral home business buyer.

For Phasal Dispensary they will be making some changes to the interior and using what I think is the current large viewing room, as the main dispensary retail store.

This request for approval appears to be both conditional-use (can they operate there) and site plan (are the core construction, lighting, signage and parking plans match town requirements)

Greenhouse Gardens

There are two applications being reviewed tonight of what seems to be three Runnemede dispensary projects in the works.

Greenhouse Gardens is a third looking to operate a dispensary at the former Runnemede Municipal Building at the corner of Black Horse Pike and 5th Ave

As mentioned, initially brought to my attention by other online sources (South Jersey Observer and Dan’s View on Runnemede), they do appear on the Sept 28, 2022 Planning/Zoning agenda under “Completeness Review”.

I checked the published public notices, but since this was not a formal decision process I assume that means a public notice was not required.

Honestly I don’t have a lot of details on the status if this one, and to what degree they will be discussed tonight (if at all).

It’s almost noon and the Planning/Zoning meeting is tonight. I just don’t have time to dig in for details.

But more the reason for Runnemede residents to attend tonight.

Links and Locations

Runnemede Planning/Zoning Meeting
October 26, 2022 at 7:00 p.m. (in-person)
Borough of Runnemede Municipal Building
24 North Black Horse Pike
Runnemede, New Jersey 08078,