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The New Washington Square Development to add Jenaro’s Italian Restaurant! Also Bison Coffee Company!

The New Washington Square Development to add Jenaro’s Italian Restaurant!  Also Bison Coffee Company!
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Back on December 17th the owners and partner of the new Washington Square Development (Hurfville-Cross Keys, next to Virtua) announced via a press release that TWO eateries were coming to the street facing retail segment of the large property!   Jenaro’s Italian Restaurant and Bison Coffee Company are the two eateries and a press release says they are looking at a Spring 2020 opening.  Both of these business are unique to the area and will be putting extra thought and investment into making them both destination stops for area residents!

I obviously knew this new property was there but hadn’t checked on it in a while (Rothman, Petcheck).  And just today 42Freeway reader Corinne asked what I heard about new restaurants at the development, and my impressive Googling skills lead me to the Dec 17 press release at The News Funnel.  Read on for details!!!

Currently the retail segment at Washington Square features PetCheck, Vivian’s Nails N’ Spa and Strive Physical Therapy and Sports Rehabilitation.  All awesome businesses… but the none of them are in a category that will drive regular foot traffic to the center… but an Italian Restaurant and a Coffee shop will have people visiting regularly, and possibly daily, which will enhance the overall health of all of the businesses.

Jenaro’s Italian Restaurant – From Angelo Lutz, the chef behind the Kitchen Consigliere brand

Jenaro’s is created by Angelo Lutz, the chef behind the Kitchen Consigliere brand which is a famed and loved Collingswood Italian eatery.  Jenaro’s will feature homestyle Italian lunch, dinner, and brunch.  Inquirer restaurant critic and food/bar news guy Michael Klein says about Lutz’s gravy “Angelo Lutz’s spot in Collingswood, does a killer version (his includes ribs and braciole, with a salad)”.  Not to digress too far off of the Jenaro’s story, but this is the second Collingswood influenced Italian Restaurant planned for Washington Township as Bistro Di Marino is planned for the Acme shopping center!  I’ll add that over on the Black Horse Pike Luna Rossa has acquired a liquor license but I don’t think it is in use yet.

Back to Jenaro’s!   Seating will be for 145-165 guests, so that’s a fairly large restaurant!  Homemade pastas, Italian dishes and wood fired pizza will be on the menu!  The setting will be one of “Old World Italy”. In the 4,600 sq ft restaurant will be a private dining rooms, a demonstration cooking area and outdoor seating!

This is a nice addition for Washington Township!  A custom created new restaurant that can’t be found anywhere else!   I participate in the Washington Township Talk FB group and read all of the comments… there are many tough comments from residents regarding economic growth in town such as “How come we can’t get something like Cinder Bar?!”.   Well Washington Township… congratulations!  (I’ll add there is a huge amount of positive projects happening in Washington Township.  I am working on an update…)

Janero’s is in the process of acquiring a liquor license and hopes that at opening you will be able to enjoy your delicious meal with a glass of wine or favorite spirit.

Bison Coffee Company

Also coming to the retail buildings at Washington Square is Bison Coffee Company.  They are a family-owned and operated 70-seat indoor and outdoor café.   They will feature selections of coffees roasted by Philadelphia’s Elixr Coffee.  It seems they are putting special care into creating a warm and inviting environment, bringing a Midwest feel to the store with wood furnishings and pleasing elements of nature.  It will support those who want to quietly relax and have coffee and snacks, or the quick-grab-and-go folks!

Should Help Drive More Development

It’s still very rural out there around Virtua with 100s of acres available for sale and development.. but with Virtua’s Medical Facility, the Washington Square residential and retail businesses, and an amazing Italian restaurant to anchor it all… this direct more developer focus to that area.

Fish Pond Medical Offices;  Less than a mile up the road a new office development is going up at the Fish Pond Road intersection. We reported on it that is going to be Medical Offices.  Comments on FB say the Doctor’s offices across from Jefferson Hospital have outgrown the building and parking, and they will be one of the first tenants.  More workers looking for lunch and happy hour!

No Royal Farms: Across the street behind Verchio’s a Royal Farms convenience store was planned.  While I believe the did finally get approval, I have a contact within the local Royal Farms management level and he tells me they are not currently pursuing a store there (or in Township)

Factory Donuts:  At the intersection of Fries Mills, a Factory Donuts outlet is still planned to come.  Look for activity to start soon.

As mentioned there is a lot of land available in that area, and the existing larger business can always use a boost.


For more information on the larger Washington Square development, I have more details in my Rothman post.