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The Lofts at Gloucester Township Apartments and Hotel Rises Alongside Route 42

The Lofts at Gloucester Township Apartments and Hotel Rises Alongside Route 42
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The Lofts at Gloucester Township is a 360 unit apartment building plus hotel which is currently rising along Route 42, close to Camden County College.

The project was originally approved back in the summer of 2020 and 42Freeway brought news of the land clearing in the December of 2021.

Today driving by on Route 42 North you can see the project has “gone vertical” with at least one of the apartment buildings going up and several more with their foundations in place.

The Lofts At Gloucester Township apartments are rising along Route 42, walking distance to the Gloucester Premium Outlets and Camden County College.

The property sits on a 28 acre parcel with entrances on Davistown Rd. and two others at the opposite end connecting to Love drive close to the College.

While they call the location Davistown Road I tend to believe that the Love Drive entrance will be the more popular one as it has direct access to both directions of Route 42, the Camden County college, and the Gloucester Premium Outlets which are just over the bridge.

It’s a very short drive to the college and Outlets from the new apartment complex but also should be a very walkable distance.

The Lofts at Gloucester Township are under development along Route 42. Large apartment complex and a hotel are part of the plans.

The Lofts at Gloucester

As I wrote back in 2021 the apartment breakdown is 144 one bedroom units and 216 two-bedroom units. The full complex will consist of 12 three-story buildings plus the hotel building.

The apartment complex portion will include a 5000 square foot clubhouse with a pool.

Aerial image from late March of the construction efforts for the Lofts at Gloucester Township, rising along Route 42 in Camden County

The hotel was presented as part of this Planning review was listed as 4 stories with 125 hotel rooms. As mentioned, this will be a later development effort. When developed, the Hotel will be placed along the Love Road exit, at the corner with Route 42 North.

The immediate goal is to develop the apartment buildings first, and then move on to the hotel. I believe the developer M&T is still working on signing an operator for the hotel.

Edgewood Properties artist rendering of the upcoming Lofts at Gloucester Township

The property will be operated by Edgewood properties who are the same folks that run the successful Garden State park commercial and residential complex in Cherry Hill.

The development aspects of the Blackwood project are being done by an affiliate of Edgewood Properties, M&T Realty.

The Lofts at Gloucester Township are rising along Route 42. (Image: Edgewood Properties via Gloucester Township)

Lofts at Gloucester – October 2022 Groundbreaking

Back in December of 2021 I wrote about the start of land clearing, which was more about leveling the property ahead of development.

Last October 2022 was the official ground breaking, signifying actual construction was starting.

For last fall’s groundbreaking several representatives from Edgewood Properties were on hand including CEO Jack Morris. Local politicians including Mayor Mayer, Senator Madden and Assemblywoman Mosquera were also on hand to speak.

The October groundbreaking of the Lofts at Gloucester Township featured representatives from the developer and local politicians. (Image: Gloucester Township Facebook)

“This is a very exciting day for Gloucester Township,” said Mayor Mayer. “The private sector is investing in our community, and it proves that people want to live in Gloucester Township. The high-quality living that is coming to this area — right across the street from the outlets — is a win-win for everyone: the township, Edgewood and the community. We are very excited about the future.”

Mayor Dave Mayer went on to say “This project has many benefits for Gloucester Township, its accessibility to retail, its great school system and the safety of the community,” he said. “It has millions of dollars of new ratables, too. And because of the great work of Edgewood, the township took some land that needed to be remediated and cleaned it up. The best part is that this will be a great community to live in, and it is a tremendous location with a lot to offer residents.”

I do not have a timeline of when the new apartment complex will begin taking in residents.

The Lofts at Blackwood – A Second Development

The same development company also was approved for another residential project in the area (which will also include a residential component)

The Lofts at Blackwood will be located along Mount Pleasant / Barnsboro Rd in the wooded area across from the Children of America Building and behind the Gloucester Township Sports Complex in Lakeland.

As I reported previously this property crosses over both Washington Township and Gloucester Townships. Both communities will have new apartment buildings as part of this project.

The Lofts at Blackwood and Blackwood Center is another development planned for the area by Edgewood Properties, in an area behind the Lakeland section of Gloucester Township

The wooded corner at Barnsboro and Woodbury-Turnersville Rd sits in Washington Township is allocated for commercial development (with residential buildings behind it).

The developer site plans show three buildings in the commercial portion, but until tenants are signed it’s tough to understand exactly how that will be developed.

As of now work has not started on that project. I can only assume they are waiting for the loss at Gloucester Township development to be further along.

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