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The Inspiration Co. is Open in the Deptford Mall. Positive, Inspirational Jewelry

The Inspiration Co. is Open in the Deptford Mall. Positive, Inspirational Jewelry
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The Inspiration Co. is a jewelry brand featuring inspirational and positive messages, with a big focus on wrist bracelets.  They have opened in the Deptford Mall on the second level, between Buckle and Icing stores.

Started in 2017 originally as an online retailer, they now have over 50 mall locations across the United states, and have been featured in national media outlets such as Good Morning America and Vogue.

The Deptford store is a bright and attractive design with a variety of display setups and tables perfectly suited for each product type.

As mentioned the brand is based on positive inspirational messages, and the smart store layout categorizes the jewelry by the message itself… so you can find a message first that connects with you (for yourself or as a gift) and then browse that section for the particular jewelry design that you like.

For the signature wrist bracelets the messages are engraved in a curved metal piece and then the rest of the bracelet is filled with naturally colorful beaded stones.  Some models are available with an adjustable clasp.

The messages range from positive to faith oriented.  Examples included:

  • The Best Is Yet To Come
  • Love You More
  • Always In My Heart
  • I Am Enough
  • In God All Things Are Possible

A single wrist bracelet with message could be as inexpensive as $25 or lower. One aspect of the brand is to layer additional colored stone bead bracelets on the wrist…  so depending on your design and style tastes, that price could go up.

The rear of the store featured a few other jewelry styles such as necklaces and selection of charms which could be birthstones or even small messages on the charms themselves.

Online I see they also offer rings and anklets but I wasn’t paying enough attention in the store to notice them.

Like most jewelry stores the target market is mostly female but the brand does carry a line of products for men and children.

For men it seems the beaded wrist bracelets are popular.  Some of the lighter colored stones with white, light blue and light greys reminded me of beach/surfer style bracelets.  The Inspiration Co employee shared with me that the black bracelets are also very popular with men.

Which I think is important for me to point out the sales representative at the time Kathy was just amazing!  This woman really paid attention to the training as she had the entire brand down pat, and offered great suggestions on the items and special promos.

I had no idea I was going to buy anything for my wife yesterday but I walked out with the purchase of an inspirational message wrist bracelet with light blue and white stones, as well as a second accompanying blue stone bracelet.

Under $50 and it really looks nice… and yes my wife was completely surprised when I brought it home!


The company focuses on positive products with a positive message, but even the start of the brand seems to be one of positivity.

 As a wrote in an April Deptford Mall update article, the idea for The Inspiration Co. came from South Florida couple Doug and Ashley Waldbueser who would regularly leave positive notes for each other around the house… such as on a bathroom mirror or tucked away in a cabinet… in hopes that their partner would find the message.

This cute random showing of love to each other was the… inspiration… for inspiration company and its positive message based jewelry.

Today the pair seem to be very hands-on with the growing business. When I stopped in the then under-construction store in April, I was greeted by a man with paintroller in hand and splashes of paint on his face “Hi, I am Doug. I am the owner”

Seems The Inspiration Co has a good thing going, and like the message bracelet I got for my wife says… The Best Is Yet To Come.

Links and Location

The Inspjration Co
Deptford Mall – 2nd Floor
1750 Deptford Center Road
Deptford NJ