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That Breakfast Spot in Clementon Serving Up Positively Delicious Breakfast and Smoothies

That Breakfast Spot in Clementon Serving Up Positively Delicious Breakfast and Smoothies
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That Breakfast Spot opened last month on Berlin Road in sight of the Clementon Park entrance, and has quickly developed a very loyal following for their positively delicious breakfast menu and smoothies.

The Breakfast Cafe offers dine-in seating for about two dozens, in an all-new dining area remodel… and of course they are doing a big business in to-go orders also.

Every menu item at That Breakfast Spot is made from scratch ingredients, and freshly made each day. Even the batters for pancakes and waffles start from fresh ingredients of flour, milk, eggs and more…there are no pre-made batter mixes at That Breakfast Spot!

While customers have taken to everything on the menu, it seems that they have quickly gained a reputation for their delicious pancakes… or  “Powerful Pancakes” as they are called at the Clementon breakfast restaurant.

I first chatted with co-owner Vic before they opened, and a few days ago I stopped in to chat with him and business partner Jamaine.

The plan all along was that they wanted a slow start with minimal promotion so they could have time to train staff, refine the menu and ensure a positive dining experience… but it seems the local community had different plans!

The delicious breakfast menu and smoothies really connected with the community, and add-in boosts from popular Facebook Groups like the South Jersey Food Scene… well the customer base is growing quickly with new faces and may repeat customers who come back again and again.

Partly there are customers stopping in on their way to Clementon Park on the weekends, but the team tells me they’ve really connected with the community such as a nearby Senior Housing facility where residents are happy to take the short walk outside to get a delicious hot breakfast.

During my visit last week I thought it would be a quick 15 minute chat and take some photos… but I stayed for probably 90 minutes! “Positivity” in a business can be tough to quantify, but I can say that Vic, Jamaine and the team area really just super nice positive people and easy to talk to… which is as important in today’s restaurant business as the food itself!

That Breakfast Spot is located at the corner of Berlin Road and Gibbsboro Road, in a small strip of stores where Domino’s is at the corner.  Directly across Gibbsboro Road is the Harpers liquor store.

When I visited last week their hours were 8am-1pm Wed to Sunday, but they were quickly moving to 6:30am-2pm, Tuesday-Sunday.

Vic tells me that before opening That Breakfast Spot, he operated a smoothie truck where he was regularly operating at the Gloucester Outlets.  His “Green Machine” truck had also gained a strong following… many of whom followed Vic over to That Breakfast Spot.

Jamaine splits his time with his other business, Blackwood based Embroidery Brothers which is much more than just putting a name on a shirt…  Their work is truly art, and has been featured on several local television shows.

Vic (left) and Jermaine (right) are co-owners of That Breakfast Spot in Clementon NJ

That Breakfast Spot – Clementon New Jersey

Inside the restaurant café, the team has done an amazing job to build out a friendly and inviting space which features a large L-shaped counter with stool seating, as well as several small dining tables.

It’s an open and bright space, featuring That Breakfast Spot lettering on one colorful wall, and their “Bird Pouring Syrup” logo on the other.

It’s important to know that when you dine-in, That Breakfast Spot does not have wait staff.  You simply place your order at the front counter register, and the staff will be happy to bring it out to you when your food is ready.  And as you would expect, they also support takeout orders.

That Breakfast Spot lives up to its name with the menu mostly oriented towards delicious breakfast items from entrees to sandwiches. 

Two of their signature items “Fearless French Toast” and “Powerful Pancakes” are available as half or full orders.  They also offer the “Wisdom Waffle”

Their “grand-slam” style breakfast option is called “I Woke Up Motivated” and includes 2 eggs, choice of meat and two pancakes/French toast or waffle for a reasonable $12.99.

That Breakfast Spot also features different breakfast sandwiches with “Wins and Losses” becoming very popular…  a chicken and waffle sandwich, where of course that chicken is hand battered and a freshly prepared waffle bun… and all batters are made from scratch.

Omelets, bagels and a variety of delicious sides are also available.

They also offer a more lunch focused sandwich with their Courageous Chicken Sandwich, which is a crispy chicken breast, with lettuce special sauce and fries.

Another important aspect of the menu are their freshly made smoothies.

As mentioned, before opening That Breakfast Spot, Vic operated the Green Machine smoothie truck… and he has brought those awesome smoothies over to his Clementon cafe.

The smoothies are made with the freshest and healthiest ingredients, and also carry a positive name to them.

“Health Is Wealth” features blueberry, mango, strawberry, banana and chia seed.  Envision offers pineapple, blueberry, strawberry and ginger.

Delicious, fresh and positive.

Links and Location

That Breakfast Spot
1 Berlin Road
Clementon, NJ 08021

Brothers Embroidery – Blackwood

Sample “showcase” jacket of the artistic embroidery done at Embroidery Brothers