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Tanner Brewing Co. in Haddon Heights – Soft Opening Visit

Tanner Brewing Co. in Haddon Heights – Soft Opening Visit
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Tanner Brewing Co. is a new brewery which just opened in Haddon Heights on Atlantic Ave, 500 Feet from Station Ave.

They opened in late October with a quieter soft-opening to give the staff time to get familiar with the systems, as well as refining what their operating hours will be.

They have been posting regular updates on their Facebook page as well as the operating hours for the week. For this week: Thu & Fri (4-9), Sat (12-10), Sun (12-6)

Tanner Brewing Co. is open in Haddon Heights NJ

Tanner is already offering 10 varieties of beer from their 5-barrel system, and it’s all within a more intimate “local spot” sized brewery… comparable in size to Westville Brewery.

I stopped in last Saturday with a few friends to check out the new brewery… and met up with a really nice guy out front who was doing some landscape cleanup with a leaf blower.

Turns out the part-time landscaper at Tanner was one of the owners of the brewery, Joe Gentile.

10 beers available during their soft-opening phase, at Tanner Brewing Co. in Haddon Heights NJ

Tanner Brewing – On The Right Track for 2022

The brewery is owned by Haddon Heights locals Joe Gentile (of Local Links Market Cafe) and the amazingly talented head brewers and co-ownership team of Ray Burr, Matthew Torbik, and Robert Wilson, as well as Fabian Brown of Heights In Progress.

Plans for the new brewery go back to 2019, and probably earlier!

Three years ago Joe Gentile appeared before the Haddon Heights Planning Board, looking for approval of the brewery in the location and town.

Interestingly at the time there were no Haddon Heights ordinances around opening a brewery in Town! Truly an innovator.

Front garage door style windows can open up to let the outside in! Tanner Brewing Co. is open in Haddon Heights NJ

That Planning meeting was just a few short months from the start of the global pandemic, so that put plans on hold a bit for the brewery operators. But yes, three years later they are open!

The name comes from the building, which at the top of the building front has the raised letters “TANNER”. Tanner was the name of a furniture business which operated in the store.

Today the Tanner Brewing Co operates at the front of the building in the lower section.

The full building is not large but I would say the brewery takes about 1/4 of the building.

The brewery is separated into two equal sections with the main tasting room area in the front, and the raised back area for the brewery equipment as well as additional space to hang out drinking a delicious beer.

I do not believe there is a dedicated parking area for the brewery. On last Saturday’s warm afternoon we were able to park along Atlantic Ave

Front Tasting Room – Tanner Brewing

A key update for the brewery are the two large garage style door front windows.

On nice days they can slide up and open those glass doors, opening up the main tasting room to the outside.

Early November temps have been perfect for this, and I got to see the full effect during my Saturday visit.

The front tasting room area features an L-shaped bar of about 12 seats.

There are several tables around the front perimeter also, taller hi-tops and more traditional table heights.

It’s a nicely designed space in both layout and aestetics.

Bright an modern rustic, with a dash of railroad lore! Tanner Brewing Co. is open in Haddon Heights NJ

The predominant colors are the dark blue slate wall, a large wood wall art piece… and the railroad train style beer menu board.

So I haven’t mentioned this but Atlantic Avenue train tracks are in front of the brewery. Trains have a history through these Camden County towns going back to the 1850s.

The Haddon Heights trains station building still stands a few hundred feet from Tanner Brewing (on Station Ave).

The logo and Beer menu board at Tanner Brewing carry the railroad theme. Haddon Heights NJ

So with that important history to the town, Tanner Brewing took on a railroad theme which they incorporated into several areas.

First is the brewery logo which incorporates train tracks into the lower section.

The Beer menu sign is a recreation of the old style “split-flap” display boards which were used to announce train departures and arrivals.

A fitting metaphor to announce the arrivals of the latest delicious beers!

Rear Brewery Room – Tanner Brewing

Directly past the tasting room bar on the right are a few steps up to the rear brewing area. The space feels to be the same same as the front tasting room area, maybe slightly not as deep?

The 5 Barrel brewing system at Tanner Brewing Co in Haddon Heights NJ. The brewing area also can be used as a customer beer tasting locatiion,

As mentioned this is a 5 Barrel system, with tanks and systems manufactured by Stout.

The brewing systems line the back and far side walls.

Another smart idea is the owners have added tall portable bar top tables in front of the tanks.

When they are not brewing beer and the space is operating more as an extended tasting (or tour area) those stands act as a barrier to the equipment and also they are a really nice height for resting your beer and elbows on… hanging out in the back.

When it comes time during the day for the brewers to step in and make the next batches of beer, they can easily move tables out of the way to give them more room to brew.

Th brewery room at Tanner Brewing Co in Haddon Heights NJ

Tanner Brewing – The Beer

During my visit they had 10 beers on tap, and it looks like for the upcoming weekend they will also offer 10.

People always expect more from me on beer reviews than I really am qualified to give!

I will say I enjoy lagers and and IPAs, and not really a big fan of darker, heavier stouts.

One of 10 delicious beers at Tanner Brewing Co in Haddon Heights.

At Tanner they have great balance to satisfy any beer drinker’s tastes.

And it seems Tanner is not trying to overpower their customers with alcohol. Six of the 10 beers had an ABV of 5% or less. A smart move actually.

During my visit I tried a Razz (Raspberry Witbier) and Prospect Ridge (American Pale Ale).

I felt both to be delicious and tasty.. “very drinkable” which is what I almost always shoot for in a beer.

In the variety they have a wide array of beer styles including Sour Hour: Margarita which is a Gose style beer, Wake Up! coffee stout, and the big ABV offering at 7.3% is Head in The Clouds

Already canning their beers, they have a variety of beers in colorful labels. Tanner Brewing Co in Haddon Heights.

Local Links Market Cafe

I think we all know the status of food at New Jersey breweries. You can bring food in, but the brewery can not sell it directly to you… as well as some challenging rules around food trucks.

So like many folks when I popped into Tanner Brewing last weekend I was looking for something close by to eat.

Local Links Market Cafe In Haddon Heights is owned by one of the owners at Tanner Brewing Co.

I mentioned I popped into owner Joe on my way in, and in our conversation we got talking about his Local Links Market Cafe which is 2 minutes walking distance away, on Station Ave.

Looking for a suggestion, Joe recommended their Cubano sandwhich.

It was a great choice. Perfectly cooked paninin, delicuous sausage. Delicous.

The Cubano Sandwich at Local Links Market Cafe in Haddon Heights.

I walked down to pick up my sandwich but joked with Joe he should make deliveries to the brewery. “get them a bike!”. Joe being a super nice guy actually offered to walk down and pick it up for me! Thanks bud… but you’re a busy guy on the weekends!

Links and Location

Tanner Brewing Co.
222 W Atlantic Ave
Haddon Heights NJ 08035-1715


Hours are evolving but seems they operating with extended weekend hours. Check Facebook for the latest.

Tanner Brewing Co. is open in Haddon Heights NJ
Mark from 42Freeway and his buddies Joe and Steve, enjoying a delicous beer at Tanner Brewing Co in Haddon Heights