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Take 5 Car Wash Planned For Blackwood-Clementon Rd Gloucester Twp, Next To Republic Bank

Take 5 Car Wash Planned For Blackwood-Clementon Rd Gloucester Twp, Next To Republic Bank
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Take 5 Car Wash has a “Coming Soon” sign in place on the backside of an empty Blackwood-Clementon Rd lot (Plaza Drive and Dartmouth).

The front side of the almost one acre lot on Blackwood-Clementon Road is currently home to a United Check Cashing Facility.

A Take 5 Car Wash Coming Soon Banner is in place on a Blackwood-Clementon Rd lot. The lot is behind the United Check Cashing Building. (Image:

Take 5 Car Wash – Blackwood Clementon Road

The property sits directly next to the Republic Bank branch, and on the other side (across Dartmouth Dr) is the Filomena Cucina Italiana Restaurant.

The full property of the United Check Cashing building and the cleared rear back lot have been listed for sale on Commercial Real Estate site “Loopnet”.

One could assume that the planned car wash would be taking over the entire lot, based on the size of competing car washes…

That being said we called the United Blackwood office and the local representatives were unaware of any changes for them and their location. It seemed I was the one to tell them about the banner in the lot behind the building.

A Take 5 Car Wash Coming Soon Banner is in place on a Blackwood-Clementon Rd lot. The lot is behind the United Check Cashing Building. Status on the United Check building is unknown (Image:

This is early in the process and there are no Gloucester Township meetings planned at this time.

Take 5 is also planning an area car wash in Brooklawn which we have included some commentary at the bottom of this article.

The Take 5 Car Wash is part of Driven Brands Car Washes, which is a part of Boing US Holdco.

They are on an aggressive expansion and acquisition mode write now. The Driven Brands website currently lists TWENTY ONE car wash brands on their acquisition page!

Third Full Size Car Wash In About 1/2 A Mile

When developed, new Take 5 Car wash will have 2 other larger sized car washes less than a 1/4 mile away in each direction, on the same Blackwood-Clementon Road.

Plus a variety of smaller mostly self-wash facilities are in the area.

Take 5 Car Wash for Blackwood-Clementon Rd would be just 1/4 mile from a ModWash car wash being developed. A new Super Wawa is also in development.

Modwash Car Wash

One quarter mile away East from this proposed Take 5 car wash, a ModWash location is already under construction.

The ModWash location is being developed next to “Favorites Betting Parlor and Bar” on a property that most recently was a Doctor’s office, but most known locally as the Nifty Fifty’s restaurant.

There is also a new Super Wawa being developed a property away, where Entenmann’s Bakery used to have a larger location.

We’ve been following the ModWash progress since they first appeared at Gloucester Township Planning just a year ago (42Freeway 9/13/2021)

Updated drone image of the new Wawa and ModWash car washes being developed on Blackwood-Clementon Rd in Gloucester Township.

They are moving fast on this project with the old building already demolished, and in my visit today I can see curbing and building foundation are already going in.

ModWash is part of the new wave of large size carwashes with large automated washing tunnels and upgraded accessory features such as large overhead vacuum systems

They currently operate in Washington Township and Cross Keys with many others planned.

Aces Car Wash

One quarter mile away West from the proposed Take 5 car wash is Aces Car Wash.

Aces Car Wash is also a larger automated car wash and traces their roots back to the 1980s when the building was a White Glove car wash.

It’s been a while since I’ve used Aces Car Wash but I believe they also have employees at the end of the car wash who dry the cars with towels, and also offer optional services such as Detailing.

Take 5 Car Wash – Brooklawn

Take 5 Car Wash is also looking to build in Brooklawn on Route 130 North where the start of Kings Highway splits off. The Brooklawn location is a closed gas station next to new Super Wawa. Some will remember years ago the gas station was a Roy Rogers and Gino’s fast food chain.

The exact same “coming soon” banner is on that Brooklawn property.

The Brooklawn location was recently reported on by by the South Jersey Observer. The Brooklawn location goes to Planning Board this Wednesday. As mentioned, the Gloucester Township location is not scheduled for Town review yet.

Take 5 Car Wash is also planning a location for Brooklawn next to the newer Wawa. South Jersey Observer has the story (Image: South Jersey Observer)

The South Jersey Observer article offers some details from the Brooklawn Planning Board notice.

I think it’s a safe assumption that a location in Blackwood would be of similar construction.

…will include a 90-foot wash tunnel, three pay kiosks, 12 parking spaces with vacuums, five employee parking spaces, and signage.

Take 5 Car Wash description for planned Brooklawn location. From Public Notice and covered by South Jersey Observer

Links and Location

Take 5 Car Wash – Blackwood (Planned)
1390 Blackwood Clementon Road
Gloucester Township New Jersey