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Sweet Talk Cafe is Open in Washington Township! Resident Owned Dessert Bakery (with Coffee)

Sweet Talk Cafe is Open in Washington Township!  Resident Owned Dessert Bakery (with Coffee)
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Sweet Talk Cafe in Washington Township is now open for extended weekends (Fri-Mon), offering amazing in-store baked artistic dessert treats and Ocean City brand coffee freshly ground and brewed in store!

The location for Sweet Talk Café is in the Whitman Square section of Washington Township, in a small strip mall located directly behind the Arby’s on Black Horse Pike.

The bakery chef at the new cafe is Lynsey, who along with husband Matt opened the cafe last weekend… and the family lives right in Washington Township!

It’s clear that Lynsey has amazing talent in not only the variety of baked items she can make, but also the amazing style and designs she puts in to them. And everything tastes amazing!

Sweet Talk Cafe is now open in Washington Township NJ featuring a big variety of freshly bakes dessert goods, and freshly brewed coffee!

She categorizes the shop as a dessert cafe and in my visit last weekend I saw that meant the team covers a broad array of items including; specialty cupcakes, cheesecakes, large cookies, Bundt cakes, brownies, cannolis, danishes and even croissants

With never ending creativity and talent, Lynsey promises a regularly changing variety of treats… and always a few special surprises. Be sure to Like their Facebook page and they’ll be sharing new things from the bakery!

I brought home several varieties of cookies and a danish…. everything I ate was incredibly delicious and fresh. (I always share these “blog” treats with the kids in the neighborhood, and they were big fans of the cookies!)

Washington Township master baker Lynsey has opened Sweet Talk Cafe in Washington Township… her hometown!

The cafe is bright and inviting and features plenty of seating to give it that true “cafe” feel!

As Sweet Talk Cafe warms up in their new business they are open 4 days a week, Friday through Monday 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM, but will be extending their days and hours over the next few weeks. They are also hiring for an additional baker.

Access to the new Sweet Talk Cafe is very easy as it sits alongside Whitman Drive, which is the traffic light intersection of the Black Horse Pike.

Sweet Talk Cafe is located in the Whitman Square section of Washington Township, behind Arby’s. Easy access from Black Horse Pike as the side road is at the traffic light intersection.

Regardless of the direction you’re traveling on the Black Horse Pike you can get in and out very easily at the traffic light… and of course those living in Whitman square are really “winning” as they can get in and out without ever accessing the Pike.

Sweet Talk Cafe should prove to be very busy as in the local town Facebook groups, requests for “we need a locally owned coffee shop!” are regularly commented… and Lynsey has delivered!

I visited last weekend to check out the Sweet Talk Cafe and take photos!  I got to meet Lindsey and Matt as well as some of their family members.

The DeSimone’s are a wonderful family who love Washington Township enough to not only raise their family in town… but also open their business in town. A regular theme it seems with Washington Township folks!

Mini-Bundt cakes are just one of the amazing baked goods offered at Sweet Talk Cafe in Washington Township! Plus delicious fresh brewed coffee!

Sweet Talk Cafe – Washington Township NJ

With a more low-key first weekend completed, yesterday the Sweet Talk Cafe Facebook page was more direct to announce that we are open!

For this weekend they will have various specialty cupcakes, cheesecakes, large cookies, Bundt cakes, brownies, cannolis, danish and croissants. Plus some other sweet surprises!

Some of the first customer of Sweet Talk Cafe who were relaxing and chatting with delicious baked treats and fresh coffee!

42Freeway first brought the news of the new cafe back in November, and Lindsey and Matt have done a great job working with the Township to open the cafe basically on their original estimated time.

Inside the bakery is all new interior construction. This gave the couple a chance to make this cafe look exactly as they wanted!

Sweet Talk Cafe carries a style that would feel just as in place in a Jersey Shore beach town like Ocean City, as it does in Washington Township.

How about some fresh coffee to go with your morning croissant? Sweet Talk Cafe features Ocean City Coffee! You don’t need to drive to the Jersey Shore for the freshly ground coffee!

It’s a bright space with wood-grained style floor, and a bright and friendly counter area with front accents of slate grey, framed in white trim.

Two display sections are built into the counter area, one being refrigerated for items such as cheesecakes, and the other is higher placed glass shelving which is a perfect display case cookies, cupcakes, croissants and more.

And in the back corner is a special place for kids… The Cafe’s Kids Book Nook featuring a kid’s sized table and book library!

A kid’s book nook reading area is featured at Sweet Talk Cafe in Washington Township!

It’s a smart way to show off the amazing treats that are being baked in the kitchen!

Coffee is ground and brewed right in the store, and as I mentioned they are serving the famous Ocean City coffee. You won’t need to drive 50 miles to the Jersey Shore to get this delicious fresh brewed coffee!

Opening weekend saw a selection of cheesecakes, chocolate covered Oreos, chocolate parfait, a variety of cupcakes including confetti, fudge delight and more.

They also feature brownies, danish, croissants and as expected a variety of really cool designed cookies.

And people always ask ask this at the Facebook page… Yes they have gluten free options, although I didn’t ask details on their preparation methods.

Some of my selection of items I brought home with me from Sweet Talk Cafe, now open in Washington Township NJ

Links and Locations

Sweet Talk Cafe
5600 Route 42, Unit 19
Washington Township NJ