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Striped Lion Distilling is Open in Woodbury! Limited Hours, Check Post. Photo Tour!

Striped Lion Distilling is Open in Woodbury!  Limited Hours, Check Post.  Photo Tour!
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The long awaited Striped Lion Distillery has opened in a Woodbury!  This is a rum centric distillery, and they’ve set up shop in a great location on Broad Street just a block away from the Colonial Diner and Eight & Sand Brewing.  We met up with owners Erin and Kevin and we offer readers a photo tour!  Hours are limited as they ramp up.. read on for reservations.

If you don’t read the commentary, be sure to scroll down for the Photo Tour!

Regarding the hours, I want to get this clear before people just show up wanting a tour!  You can visit the store during any of their posted hours, but for THE FULL EXPERIENCE YOU NEED A RESERVATION

For now, this is a weekend retail and tour operation.  Factor in current NJ store restrictions…. well here is the plan:

  • Friday: Retail store open 5pm-10pm, but for Black Friday 11/27, they are opening at NOON!  You can just come on over!
  • Saturday & SundaysFull distillery tours and cocktail bar BY RESERVATION for now.  UPDATE!  RESERVATION SYSTEM IS ONLINE!  
    • Saturday 12 to 8
    • Sunday 12 to 6

They are working on a web based self-service reservation system.

About Striped Lion Rum Distillery

Mantua Residents Erin and Kevin Wright have been drinking and collecting rums for a long time!   Their expertise in rum lead them down a path of “hmmm maybe we should open a distillery?”

And it was clear in my conversations with Erin during my recent visit the she and Kevin REALLY know their rum… the different regional varieties.. and how to put together a great product!

I had a chance to speak to both of them during my visit last weekend, but with Kevin really focused on getting more product ready, I had the pleasure of getting the larger tour and rum distilling overview from Erin.

I was genuinely impressed by Erin!  Erin is a very smart woman, and she knows her rum.  Did I mention she is a pediatrician right in the area?   It takes a lot of brain power and attention to detail to become a doctor of course, and as I heard her talk about rum, the process of making it, and the variations that are available… I could hear those same mental gears whirring in her brain regarding rum, that she probably has going daily as a pediatrician!

My knowledge of rum seems to start and end with “Captain and Coke”… honestly I think most have a similar depth of knowledge on rum!   So I was genuinely interested in hearing about all the variations of the entire process.  

At Striped Lion, currently there are two varieties of rum available buy they are working hard to expand their product line. 

Oh and after hearing Erin speak about rums… I can’t wait to see what they are coming up with in the future.  I expect a full international based line of rums.

Black Owned, Majority Woman Ownership

Oh and a good time to mention…   they are a 100% black owned distillery and 55% woman owned, as another family member owns 10%.   Currently in the craft alcohol industry this is an unfortunate all too rare situation.. so it just adds even more to the awesomeness of what they are doing!   

Note: Independent Spirits in Woolwich is Woman owned, and Tadmore in Salem is owned by a couple.. and I owe them both a post from a year ago!     And don’t forget Pine Tavern Distillery in Monroeville!

So it’s been a lot of “doing” for the Wrights… to get it right at Striped Lion!  Five years maybe?  Distilleries are more challenging to open, as they are covered by State AND Federal requirements.   Every single aspect is planned, approved, confirmed.  

Not to mention the challenges of repurposing an older use building.  42Freeway readers are always happy to hear when an older building is reused… but the challenges for owners is that many times bringing things up to current code can bring unexpected costs, both in money AND time.

Location and Rum

I love the building and location.   We have a growing list of distillery options in South Jersey, but up to this point they’ve opened in lesser populated areas further away from the core 42Freeway towns.  Granted it can be a fun afternoon to go visit the other distilleries, but there is really something to be said about having Striped Lion right on Broad Street.

I can see many folks spending a weekend afternoon visiting Striped Lion, Eight & Sand Brewery, and Westville Brewery!    Just remember to partake within legal limits!

The building is has a cool and offers plenty of room for expansion.  Well maybe we talk about that below with the photo tour!

Oh and the rum… I tried both of their rums, and found both delicious…. and different!   

The Citrus was 100% made in house, and that’s what I took a bottle of home with me.  Perfect over ice or in a mojito!

The other rum “Column and … ” was a combined effort between Striped Lion and another distillery

Social Media

The good news is, if they dont have your exact starting time, you can always work around visits to Eight & Sand and Westville Brewery!

Go Like their Facebook Page!  Share this 42Freeway FB post with friends!  

Striped Lion Rum Distillery
740 N Broad Street
Woodbury NJ 08096

Photo Tour!

Striped Lions’ front entrance, right on Broad Street Woodbury, a block away from the Colonial Diner!

The front entrance lobby.  A comfortable area to hang out as you wait for your party to arrive, or simply to hang out.

Erin and Kevin.. they own 90% and another family member is the other 10%.  100% Black owned, and 55% Woman owned!

Large tank of the distilling system. I have Erin explaining the whole process.. but I’ve run out of time getting this online today!   Well.. come in for a tour and learn!

Kevin was making rum as I was there!  A look inside!

The other half of the distilling system.   Damn I really need to give that video online!

Storage Tanks

Plenty of room for growth!  With licensing restriction this area can only by used for the process of making and storing the distilled products.  Well, and for tours also!

As we walked back to the front, I asked Erin to pose with one of their bottles of rum

Next was over to the cocktail area!  They have a menu of drinks they can make, or maybe give the crew a challenge!

The cocktail bar room is really nicely done.  Classy and modern, with a hint of rustic charm.

Striped Lion.. in case you forget!  Nah… you won’t forget, cause you’ll be back and back again!


Now we’re talking… the good stuff!

The other side of the cocktail bar room offers a window view to Woodbury, and additional seating

Striped Lion also has a retail store (On the other side of the wall).. for the rum purchases of course!  But also glassware and other products.  More to be added soon!


Back home.. this is my first purchase at Striped Lion (oh I purchased a glass also)… and I am sure there will be many more!