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Stratford’s Philadelphia Provision Company Is Open, Bringing Us Tasty Area Favorites… and Making Their Own Deliciousness!

Stratford’s Philadelphia Provision Company Is Open, Bringing Us Tasty Area Favorites… and Making Their Own Deliciousness!
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Philadelphia Provision Company opened about 2 months ago on the White Horse Pike in Stratford, and we stopped in last weekend for a visit.

This is a place for your taste buds… with a core theme towards bringing Philadelphia’s most delicious food favorites brought right to us in South Jersey!

But what stood out to me were the amazing things they are making in-house... prepared specialties and baked goods to take home… for breakfast, lunch and dinner! People are genuinely RAVING about what is coming out of the the Philadelphia Provision kitchen!

And this week they announced their Lavazza Coffee Bar & United Fruit Smoothies and Bowls section had opened!

They are located on the White Horse Pike, between CVS and Weber’s Root Beer

Note: they are closed on Mondays! Plan ahead!

Philadelphia Provision Company: What’s It All About?

We met up with Husband and Wife team, David and Amy last Saturday.

First we chatted with Amy, who gave us a quick overview of the unique “to go” eatery…. but it was clear she was deep in the midst of running the restaurant and preparing food items for sale.

“You should talk to my husband, it’s his place.”, said Amy

A few minutes later, David comes in from the outside trailer they are setting up out front, which will be a BYOB outdoor seating area.

After a quick introduction, David slipped into the conversation “Well, it’s really Amy’s place”

Isn’t that cute?! They are each pointing the spotlight to the other! 🙂

Well from what I see, and what I read in the Stratford Times Mayor Message, this is Amy’s place!

They are a very unique business offering prepared specialties to take home. Each day is a special treat. Stop in to see Amy and tell her I sent you!

Stratford Mayor Josh Keenan

Anyway, David explains that he is originally from Clementon New Jersey, but spent considerable time in North Carolina where he operated Goobers Restaurant in Mt Airy, North Carolina

A variety of reasons brought him back to his home area, and he and Amy set out to start an area business based on what they know best… delicious food.

With Amy working the kitchen area, David had some extra time to point out what makes Philadelphia Provision special.

The building was originally a 7-11, and David explains the transformation into Philadelphia provision was all done by them.

The only thing that seemed to remain of the building from it’s prior life was the row of glass convenience store style refrigerators off to the right.

Philadelphia Provision Pasta Area

With no indoor seating requirements, the core center space was filled mostly with an open kitchen.

The glass display cases for food and baked goods comes right up to the front of the store… offering plenty of room for people to place orders and pick-up It’s clear that Philadelphia Provision was designed for preparing food… and the delicious “eating” part of the process was for after you’ve left the building!

On the left was the just opened Lavazza Coffee Bar & United Fruit Smoothies section!

So before we get deeper into the “Philadelphia” aspect of the business, let’s chat about what I saw behind the glass as I entered.

Prepared Specialties is probably the best way to describe it… and they definitely looked special!

Chili Orange Glazed Salmon!

The menu changes daily I believe, and what I saw were delicious looking chili orange salmon, super lump crab cake, grilled chicken breast, sausage scaloppini, chicken cacciatore, lasagna, macaroni and cheese, and even flatbread pizza which they just recently added to the menu..

That was just a sampling of what was available!

Prepared Specialty Food Items… To Go!

Oh and the baked goods! Jewish Apple Bundts! Carrot Cake! Brownies!

And its all made in-house, by Amy and her staff.

By the way… this is a good time to say “Go Like Their Facebook Page“.

I really appreciate a business that knows the value of good content on social media, and especially restaurants. Well Amy and the team are posting regularly at their Facebook page all the amazing dishes that are coming out of the creative kitchen… and I just love seeing the changing variety!

So do it.. go like their Facebook page. They are at 822 likes, and it should be 8,220!

Delicious Baked Good… Baked In House!

Area Specialties!

They are called “Philadelphia Provision Company”.. but they seem to break their own rules in delicious ways!

Are you familiar with Formica Bakery out of Atlantic City? There was a time when Atlantic City was as famous for their bakeries and rolls as they were for Casinos. Today there are still a few 100yr old bakeries left in Atlantic City!

One of them is Formica bakery, and Philadelphia Provision has fresh Formica Rolls delivered regularly to the Stratford restaurant!

Formica Rolls are one of two bakeries used by the famous White House Subs in Atlantic City!

And we already mentioned they Lavazza Coffee bar… and they are based out of Torino Italy! The full array of Lavazza products are available in Stratford… they even have the Lavazza espresso machine!

Lavazza Coffee Bar! Cappuccinos! Macchiatos! Coffee!

The Philadelphia Provisions Company website calls out several Philadelphia based specialty company products that WILL BE available right in Stratford!

But while those products aren’t available in Stratford just yet…

The in-house baked products are absolutely amazing!

Fresh Formica Rolls from Atlantic City

Links and Locations

Be sure to stop in regularly to check out what’s new on the menu! New specialty ideas arrive so regularly that Amy and staff use a dry erase board to list what’s available today!

And while you are there.. pick up a fresh coffee, smoothie, or delicious baked good!

Philadelphia Provision Company
75 White Horse Pike
Stratford, New Jersey 08084



Closed Mondays, but check the website or Facebook for latest information!

The Daily Menu Dry Erase Board!