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Spirit Halloween Deptford is Open! We Visited and Yes, There Really is a Movie Coming This Season!

Spirit Halloween Deptford is Open!  We Visited and Yes, There Really is a Movie Coming This Season!
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I visited Spirit Halloween’s Deptford store today, because of course early August is Halloween time!

But there are actually are good reasons to check out the stores now, before the craziness of late October like 90% of us normally do. Including a 20% of one-use/item coupon which can be used before Aug 15th!

The Spirit Deptford store for example also has really cool animatronic displays set-up which are almost like little Halloween shows!

Awesome walk-thru displays at Spirit Halloween (this is Deptford NJ)

Plus they have themed merchandise for Halloween Shows such as Hocus Pocus, Beetlejuice, Nightmare Before Christmas, and Disney’s Haunted Mansion!

You know you would love a Hocus Pocus themed wine glass!!

And would you believe a full-length movie featuring the Spirit Halloween stores will be released this October!?

Well now you do! And the teaser trailer is linked below. Keep reading and scrolling, and we’ll tell you all about everything!

Costumes, make-up and more at Spirit Halloween (Deptford NJ)

Spirit Halloween Stores : Some Are Open, Many More to Come Soon

Last week Spirit Halloween held their Grand Opening at the Flagship Store in Egg Harbor Twp, NJ. I was there to see the hundreds of fans waiting for their turn to enter, but I didn’t get into the store.

But that’s ok as today I toured the Spirit Halloween store in Deptford NJ, in the Forman Mills shopping center at Rt 41 and Clements Bridge Road.

Some Spirit Halloween Stores are open, like the Deptford NJ Location

It’s the same building as what was was used in the past for Spirit Halloween, but shifted one store over to the former AC Moore store in the center of the building.

This Deptford location is a little bit smaller than the prior storefront at the end of the building (which is being developed into a Joann store), but the Deptford Spirit Halloween store still carries all of fun and scary things!


Now before you run out to your local Spirit location, it seems only a few stores have opened this early but I believe the others aren’t too far behind in opening.

Based on their website store location page, the following area locations are already open: Deptford, Williamstown, Marlton, Mays Landing, Egg Harbor

Area locations that are not open but coming soon: Somerdale, Turnersville, Cherry Hill (Two!), Voorhees, Glassboro, West Berlin, Cinnaminson, Mt Laurel, Vineland, Atlantic City.

Full addresses and hours can be found here.

This is Halloween, This is Halloween. Awesome themed merchandise including Nightmare Before Christmas. Hocus Pocus, Beetlejuice, and Disney’s Haunted Mansion

Spirit Halloween – Largest Halloween Store in the World and South Jersey Based!

For those who don’t know, Spirit Halloween is the largest Halloween store chain in the world with over 1,400 locations and growing each season.

Of course a key aspect of the stores are Halloween costumes for all ages and styles! Which also leads to the the last minute mad rush “Well I wasn’t gonna go to that party tomorrow, but let me see what I can find at Spirit”

Hocus Pocus Merchandise at Spirit Halloween (Deptford NJ)

Over the years Spirit has expanded the offerings to include decorations and décor, and sophisticated animatronics!

Aligning with the season of the Halloween holiday, the stores open for just a few months from August through November, utilizing short-term leases at empty retail store locations.

The chain was started in 1984 in California and grew to 60 locations before being purchased by Spencer Gifts in 1999.

Spencer Gifts is a well known Mall and Shopping center staple, and the are headquartered in South Jersey’s Egg Harbor Township.

The Spirit Halloween Flagship Store in Egg Harbor Twp NJ opened July 31, 2022. Yes I was there but didnt get in. What you dont see is the line starting to the left of the image and going down the entire shopping center!

A former Circuit City property in Egg Harbor is now the Spirit Halloween Flagship store, with the location absolutely chosen due to the proximity to Spencer Gift’s headquarters.

Spirit of Children

Spirit Halloween also has a charitable heart with their Spirt of Children program.

Spirit of Children brings fun and funding to local hospitals at Halloween and all year round through monetary donations to support Child Life and by providing costumes, accessories, decorations, and most everything needed for a Halloween party including volunteers from local Spirit stores.

Spirit of Children Charity – Spirit Halloween

In just 15 years they have raised an amazing $93 Million in a “mission to make hospitals less scary for kids and their families”

Mark’s new coffee mug. I mean.. my daughters. Would I still find this in the store come October? Maybe, but maybe not. Deptford, Williamstown and Marlton are open NOW! And get the coupon!

Why Go So Early? Well, There Are Some Good Reasons

Let’s be honest, every single person reading this has been in a Halloween costume store the week of Halloween, and most likely the day before Halloween.

Those last few weeks before October 31st its an overloaded, over crowded experience and no matter how hard the awesome employees work during “showtime”… it’s just really tough to keep up with everything.

But in early August and September it’s a very relaxed and enjoyable experience.

Shelves are stocked, and things are in the right places.

The really cool themed merchandise such as movie signage or coffee mugs are plentiful to browse through.

I know a BIG part of the 42Freeway fan base grew up watching Hocus Pocus. Who wouldn’t want a wine glass saying “It’s just a bunch of Hocus Pocus”? Spirit Halloween Deptford NJ

And not only will most stores feature the really awesome large and scary animatronics, they are housed in multiple haunted display sets. Some you can WALK THROUGH!

And all of those scary screaming and moving things ill all be functioning! (before a few hundred people just have to touch them!)

It’s still a retail store, but I was genuinely impressed with the haunted display buildings they had in Deptford to showcase the larger creatures. They even have a few surprises for you!

But if you wait until October 28th for this experience, well chances are it’s just not going to be the same.

Cool animatronics need cool in-store displays! Spirit Halloween (Deptford NJ)

I don’t want to oversell the experience but as I looked at the rack of merchandise from Nightmare Before Christmas and the Haunted Mansion, it made me think of the now gone Disney Store!

How about a set of glass Haunted Mansion votive candles, or the famous grave marker from the ride entrance “Here Lies Dear Old Fred…”

And there is a big Beetlejuice section!

The neon sign that was displayed in the model of the town? Spirit Halloween has it.

Coffee mugs, cups and glasses. Fleece throws or window stickers.

Just a cool collection of things that you are going to want to browse through, and I am telling you the shopping experience will be better in August and September, then it will in October.

Some of the neat things I browsed at Spirit Halloween (Deptford NJ)

Spirit Halloween The Movie!!!

When I first heard about a movie for the Spirit Halloween stores I expected it to be a short film on YouTube, or at most a Television special.

But no, “Spirit Halloween – The Movie” really is a full theatrical go-to-the-movie-theaters-to-watch movie with REAL stars!

The 90 second trailer was releases last week, and previews a story where a group of young friends decide to spend the night in a Halloween store.

Oh and let’s get this clear, Spirit Halloween is not an adult level horror movie. This is a family oriented fun thriller which many are placing in the Goosebumps genre.

It appears the the young adventurous have a Stranger Things type of friendship, which should work well to appeal fans of all ages.

The trailer shows the teen boys and a female friend decide to spend the night at a Halloween store, only to learn that after hours the Halloween haunts come to life!

YES! There really is a Spirit Halloween Movie coming Oct 12th! Click the image above to buy Movie Merch!

The two big names in the movie are Christopher Lloyd and Rachael Leigh Cook

Christopher Lloyd is most famous for his role as Doc Brown in the Back To The Future trilogy, as well as Jim Ignatowski on televisions Taxi.

Rachel Leigh Cook is a very accomplished actress who had a big hit with She’s All That and also starred in The Babysitter’s Club and Josie and the Pussycats movie!

See, I told you this was a big deal!

Spirit Halloween The Movie is scheduled for theatrical release on October 12th, 2022.

Links and Locations

Spirit Halloween Stores
A variety of locations in our area. Check the website for the closest to you and if it is open.

Spirit Halloween Deptford NJ
Former AC Moore
1120 Hurffville Rd
Deptford, NJ 08096
(855) 704-2669

Deptford Store Webpage and Coupon

Spirit Halloween Williamstown NJ
2099 N Black Horse Pike
On the corner across from Tires Plus
Williamstown, NJ 08094
(855) 704-2669

Williamstown Store Webpage and Coupon!

Spirit Halloween Main Website

Spirit Halloween Facebook

Joann Fabric Store making fast progress on it’s new location in Deptford on Hurffville Rd.