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Spark Car Wash is Open On Berlin-Cross Keys Road! You Have to Check Out the Opening Specials!

Spark Car Wash is Open On Berlin-Cross Keys Road!  You Have to Check Out the Opening Specials!
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UPDATE:  An update on the car wash pricing.  A standard car wash is $9.  Well read down below

Spark Car Wash opened this weekend on Berlin-Cross Keys Rd. at the Sicklerville Rd intersection… next to McDonald’s.  While this location previously was the Classic Auto Wash… the Spark Car Wash is literally all new development…  they went back down to the bare cinderblocks and started all over again!

And for what I think is the next 2 weeks they are offering FREE car washes!  You will have to register with name and email to access the coupon.  When 42Freeway stopped in yesterday they had employees right at the payment kiosk to help you with your phone to fill out the 3 simple fields, and get the scannable coupon.

We caught up with one of the owners, Kyle.. and his General Manager Mario who gave 42Freeway a rundown on things!  And some cool freebies too!

State of the Art Car Wash

Spark Car Wash truly is a state-of-the-art car wash facility… where they’ve thought of everything and more that you’ll need to have the most beautiful car on the road!

Seriously I didn’t think I would ever be impressed with a car wash.  It seems like a simple process, right?  But Sparks has thought of everything!

Before we get too far ahead…  go LIKE their Facebook page:   There are only 19 likes right now!

So just three months ago the building looked like this!  While other area construction projects seem to drag on forever, the Spark project was on high-speed mode!

Now its all new, all state of the art… and a really attractive building.  

I haven’t seen Sparks at night but a friend of mine who lives in the area tells me the have REALLY cool lighting on the building.

So as you would expect, the core system is an automated car wash system with new equipment.

But even before entering the tunnel… they Spark service attendants give your car a thorough prewash!

And inside its all the latest car wash automated gear.

Vacuums, Air blowers, and Car Mat Cleaners

I’ve never seen this before at any car wash…  number of vacuum stations is one thing, and then what they offer is another level!

Those long overhead tubes are the start of the dual vacuum nozzles.

The positioning like this put the start of the hoses more center to your car.. so its easier to move around.

This is the base of the vacuum area… and notice, there are no coin slots or buttons.  It’s FREE!

The innovative setup offers FOUR cool features.  I’ve never seen THREE different hoses!

  • Hose 1:  Traditional Vacuum nozzle hose
  • Hose 2:  Crevice nozzle hose
  • Hose 3:  Air blower hose!  Like.. for blowing dust and dirt of of cracks and crevices!
  • Floor Matt Holder:  And that clipboard like device is for attaching your floormats too, for easy vacuuming.

They “after wash” care aspect isn’t done yet… soon to go online is a Rhino-Mat automatic floor mat cleaning system.  

I am not certain if this a free service, or if it comes at an added cost.

Opening Freebies!  A Free Car Wash?!

The core thing is.. My wife and I got a free car wash yesterday.   Well, everyone did.

And man I hope I heard this right… for the first TWO WEEKS the car washes are free!  (I believe its one per customer / email address)

Kyle explained that to test out the systems so that they can handle the heaviest loads, they want to have car after car coming through, while the install engineers are on site.

In fact I noticed as we left the car wash tunnel, someone was adjusting the dryers at the end of the tunnel.

Kyle shared a few other changes they are making.. a pressure system is being added to increase water pressure for example.

You’d think that wouldn’t be important to share with readers.. or maybe Kyle wouldn’t want you to know..

But it just proves how serious Sparks Car Wash is about providing you the best car service.

Seriously.. two weeks of free car washes so they can make things perfect?  AWESOME!

Simple Online Form: Name and Email

So as stated at the start of the post, to get the free car wash it does require an online coupon… and to get that coupon you have to fill in you name and email on your smartphone.

Then a digital coupon is presented.

Sparks had an attendant at the kiosk to help with the process.  It moved very fast.

Both the link to the form, and the coupon… were scannable.

For the pre-opening event they are also offering some nice freebies!

Quantities may be limited… the goal is to have these available for everyone, but based on an expected huge demand there are no guarantees!

Right at the payment kiosk the employee gave us a Spark air freshener…

And in chatting with Kyle, he handed me a Spark cookie.. which was delicious.  He said “We’re going to start giving these out soon”

To be clear:  These are not normal freebies. These are during the grand opening phase.  There is a chance they may not have them when you visit.

Costs and Memberships.   

Always check their website for the latest membership and pricing information.  I will not be updating this post over time, so this info will get stale.

Like the traditional car wash pricing model, there are three levels of cleaning features.

Single Carwash

  • Standard:  $9 
  • Select:  $16
  • Signature: $19

But the real deal is in the memberships.   

With the memberships you pay a monthly fee that allows you to visit as much as you like in the month… for that level of service.

So the monthly membership prices are a significant savings, especially if you keep coming back multiple times in the month

And the first month in all plans is only $1!

Memberships are:

  • Standard:  $20 a month
  • Select:  $27 a month
  • Signature: $29 a month

There are rules about the car you bring in on a single membership.  I dont know the details… and you’ll have to ask the employees

There is also an offering of additional household memberships at 50% off.

Again.. check with the staff regarding rules and regulations.

Location and Social Media

Spark Car Wash
586 Berlin-Cross Keys Rd
Sicklerville NJ 08081

On the corner of Sicklerville Rd….  Next to McDonald’s…


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