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Sonic and Buffalo Wild Wings Go for Berlin Hopes For July Opening

Sonic and Buffalo Wild Wings Go for Berlin Hopes For July Opening
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Two restaurants are expected to open soon in Berlin Township NJ, with Sonic and Buffalo Wild Wings GO looking ready-to-go.  Unofficially they are hoping for an opening later this month (July), but a date has not been firmly set.

I stopped by yesterday to check out the interesting combo restaurant development, which has taken a single former Arby’s building and split it down the middle, creating the two separate restaurant experiences

On the left side is Sonic Drive-In which also features nine of the unique menu board parking spots, where cars can “drive-in” to a spot that has its own menu ordering board, place an order while parked, and have their food brought right out to the car!

The Sonic restaurant also has a traditional drive-thru window.

Buffalo Wild Wings GO (BWW Go) takes over the right half of the building, offering a smaller menu focused on their delicious wings, fries, chicken sandwiches and more… but there is no bar!   A Voorhees location opened in February of this year.

A set opening date has not been announced yet for either restaurant as it appears there have been some unexpected delays in the final stages of the build-out.

Online I’ve seen mentions of July 19th as the latest date for Sonic to open, but that has not been confirmed by upper management.  At this point they likely want to wait until all details are 100% finalized before making a final opening date announcement.

And now with the buildings looking basically ready to go, including all of the asphalt in place and driveway markings… I’m getting a lot of questions on the status of the store openings.

So I wanted to at least share the little bit of information I know, and will likely visit and publish an update when they do officially do open.

News of the plans for this dual restaurant location were first announced at 42Freeway back in June of last year.

Sonic Drive-In

If you’re unfamiliar with Sonic Drive-In, the popular restaurant brand features delicious fresh burgers, hot dogs, and ice cream treats including milkshakes… with an innovative 1950s style drive-in ordering model where you can order from your car and have the food brought out to your car!

They also have a very popular line of fun commercials which highlight a constantly changing special menu, geared towards getting you off your chair and in your car…  Grabbing a delicious lunch or treat at your local Sonic.

They also offer a traditional drive through window and typically do not have indoor dining. 

For the drive-in ordering experience, each of the nine dedicated parking spots have their own menu board off to the side.

The menu is a traditional printed and backlit menu around outer perimeter, and in the center is a digital screen where they show your order and totals, as well as current promotional specials.

The Combos feature; Cheeseburgers and Chicken Sandwiches on your choice of bread or toast. A variety of hot dogs including a footlong Coney Island dog. Popcorn Chicken and tenders are also offered.

Breakfast is also offered, and of course their amazing “Frozen Zone” of shakes, blasts and sundaes.

Buffalo Wild Wings GO

Buffalo Wild Wings is mostly known for their larger restaurants which feature delicious chicken wings as well as a much larger full menu and full bar.

What is opening in Berlin though is there newer Buffalo Wild Wings go offshoot, which is a much smaller restaurant location and tended to focus only on their top selling quick serve items such as chicken wings, chicken sandwiches and French fries.

The BWW GO locations do have a small inside dining area but it seems a big portion of the model is based around to go and delivery.

To be direct, the goal of BW go is to compete directly in the same market space as Wingstop.

Likely the executive management team of Buffalo Wild Wings noticed the significant growth taking place with the wing stop locations, and realizing that Buffalo Wild Wings also has amazing wings… they decided to create the BWW GO Concept

as mentioned they have an location opened in Voorhees NJ which I did get to visit.  I was surprised to see that they also were selling burgers in Voorhees.   I don’t know if that will be the case with the Berlin BMW GO… I wonder since they are attached to a Sonic does that changed the menu choices.

Links and Locations

Sonic Drive-In and Buffalo Wild Wings GO
299 Route 73 North
Berlin Township NJ

Sonic Drive-In

Buffalo Wild Wings GO