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Santucci’s Pizza Washington Township Opens Thursday May 12th! Positions Still Available!

Santucci’s Pizza Washington Township Opens Thursday May 12th!  Positions Still Available!
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The famous Santucci’s Original Square Pizza restaurant family continues their area expansion, with a new location coming to Washington Township on Egg Harbor Road.

Mark stopped in today and caught up with two of the three owners of this franchise location, Brett and Frank… who tell us that they are planning their opening for next Thursday, May 12th at 10am!

I missed the third partner Anthony in this visit but I am sure we’ll catch up next week when they open.

We’ve been following this Santucci’s location since it was first announced, and actually it was the Brett’s wife Devan who emailed 42Freeway earlier today to confirm the opening date. I jumped right into the car and stopped over!

Yes they have indoor seating but the place to be will be out on the patio! Beautiful street-cage style lighting and yes… televisions!

Brett and Devan are married, and Anthony and Frank are part of the actual Santucci family! Well now they are all part of the Santucci Family!

We’ve included several “teaser” photos here so you’ll have to stop in on May 12th (or later) to check out the new eatery. Or maybe Mark will be back to give them a taste test and post about it! Can you say “tax write-off!” ha!

Now Hiring!

They are still actively hiring for all positions, but particularly for positions in the kitchen. Check out their Location page for “Hiring Now” details, or via online job sites such as Indeed.

We first posted on this location just over a year ago in April 2021.

Like every new business opening the the last few years, supply chain issues have slowed delivery of equipment and delayed opening dates, but that’s all behind them now.. the Washington Township team is ready to make some delicious pizza!

And well their amazingly unique pizza gets most of the attention, the Santucci’s menu is sooo much more than pizza! Keep reading!

A picture perfect greeting as you enter. Amazing mural of Santucci’s first location in Northeast Philaldelphia.

Santucci Pizza Washington Township – Locally Owned!

The specific location for the Washington Township Santucci’s is the new Woodmont Townsquare complex at 261 Hurffville-Cross Keys Road, between Fries Mills Rd and the Virtua Building.

The Washington Township location is all new interior construction within a new building. Brett says when they took over the lease, the floor was just gravel!

Upon entering the store you are greeted with the front counter, and an amazing mural of the Santucci’s first Pizzeria, which was located in Northeast Philadelphia.

The restaurant has floor to ceiling windows to let plenty of light in, tall ceilings… and indoor seating is available.

Santucci’s Washington Township… the food is more than just pizza and the experience is more that just a pizza shop!

The big surprise is the side patio seating which brings some of that South Philadelphia street-side restaurant experience to Washington Township.

The tables and seating outside is plentiful, and they’ve added string lights going back and forth across the patio… to really make you feel like you are on Pass’yunk Avenue!

They have televisions inside and yes… they will even have them outside for the patio!

Santucci’s Washington Township does not have a liquor license, but they are BYOB.

Also in the same complex and recently opened are What’s The Scoop Ice Cream and Bison Coffee!

All three of these businesses are owned by amazing South Jersey Families.

For the new Santucci’s location, Brett is from Audubon and played baseball for Gloucester Catholic and the powerhouse Brooklawn American Legion team. I believe his wife Devan is right from Washington Township… and even Anthony and Frank Santucci are South Jersey born and raised guys!

Santucci’s Pizza Washington Township NJ

Santucci’s… Turning the Pizza Industry Upside Down!

Hey Mark… we get it. It’s cool that a new business has opened and it’s locally owned. But we have a lot of great pizza places in town. What makes Santucci’s any different?”

How about… the pizza is upside down?!?!

Well not literally upside down with the crust on top! Ha!

But the cheese goes on the crust first, and then the sauce! Upside Down!

Santucci’s Original Square Pizza – Image is from the recently opened Wildwood NJ Location (Santucci’s Facebook)

The delicious red sauce on top gives the pizza a deep red color… balanced in every bite with tasty cheese and a freshly made crust.

The pie itself is rectangular like a Sicilian pizza but not as thick.

It all comes together to make a deliciously memorable pizza experience!

More than Pizza

Santucci Restaurants are more than just pizza!

While we haven’t seen a menu specific to Washington Township, in reviewing their website it seems all locations share a common menu offering… so let’s give that quick rundown.

While we are best known for our signature “sauce on top” pizza, Santucci’s offers a variety of Italina menu items. The original location on O Street in the Juniata Park section of Northeast Philadelphia was a classic “Mom and Pop Pizzeria”, serving the best gourmet pies made from the freshest ingredients.

As we began to offer sit-down dining in our expanding locations, we added dishes to our menu that went beyond pizza, and that were passed down recipes from previous generations. We now offer a complete range of casual Italian dining options, from appetizers to pastas to entrees to desserts, all prepared in an authentic Italian Style

Santucci’s Website – Menu Page
A variety of Chicken Cutlet sandwiches and more await you at Santucci’s Washington Township! (Santucci’s Facebook)

This is NOT the entire menu that we present, nor all of the options in each category. Check the website!

Starters and Sides Include: Antipasto Board, Short Rib Gravy Fries w/ Provolone Whiz, Chicken Fingers, Onion Rings, Side Meatballs, Long Hots, and more!

Salads And Soup Include: Classic Caesar, Farmers, Granny Smith Apple, Creamy Tomato Bisque soup and more!

Sandwiches include: Classic Italian Hoagie, Mama’s Meatballs, Cheesesteaks, Chicken Cutlets and “Parm” and more!

Pasta offerings include; Spaghetti al Pomodoro, Grandpa Joe’s Chicken Parmesan, Orecchiette and more!

Strombolis: Pepperoni, Spinach, Steak… and Uncle Joe Coke?! I guess we’ll have to try that one.

Flatbreads; Mushroom, Roasted Pepper, Chicken

Signature wings and boneless wings: A variety of delicious sauces, classic bone-in or boneless.

And did we mention they have… .PIZZA!

Pizzas come in a large or personal size… with a huge variety of topping options inlcuodng broccoli, peppers, long hots.. the whole gambit

Santucci’s also offers their own signature pies such as The Works, Veggie Works, Margherita, BBQ or Buffalo Chicken.

Santucci’s Washington Township is all new and they can’t wait to put this oven to good use!

Santucci’s Growth with Franchising.

Just this week Santucci’s opened a new location in Wildwood New Jersey!

Their website now lists 10 locations with more in the works.

The expansion is coming via a franchise model, and if you are interested in learning more they have a summary page at their website.

Links and Locations

Santucci’s Original Square Pizza Washington Township – Opens May 12th, 2022
261 Hurffville-Cross Keys Road
Sewell Washington Township NJ



Washington Township Instagram!

Prime corner location in the Woodmont Town
The Santucci Family and the new franchise owners are “all-in” at Washington Township… but I don’t think this will be a gamble at all! Good luck team!