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Royal Farms Progress Photos: Gloucester City, Bellmawr, Magnolia 08/12/2017

Royal Farms Progress Photos:  Gloucester City, Bellmawr, Magnolia 08/12/2017
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My Saturday travels had me stopping in Brooklawn, and I wanted to get to the new Carmen’s Deli in Haddon Heights, so I did the loop to the three original South Jersey Royal Farms Convenience/Gas stores being constructed in Gloucester City, Bellmawr and Magnolia.  So not a lot to say as this is mostly about the photos, but here’s some thoughts.

  • Gloucester City:
    • was the first announced location and the first we all heard that Royal Farms was coming to the area.  Bill Cleary over at Cleary’s Notebook had that story first.   Ironically, of the three original locations, the Gloucester City location is the furthest behind in construction.
    • I wasn’t sure how the store would be located in the property. with it sharing the lot with the 2 remaining segments of the hotel.   Looking at the foundation I put together a graphic (in the gallery) of how I think it will be laid out.
    • is the smallest parcel of the three stores, and I think it will be a little tighter driving in the lot.  Its tough to visualize when its mostly dirt but it seems smaller than the newish Bellmawr Super Wawa lot.
  • Magnolia:
    • Definitely the furthest along in construction.  The road side signage is up, and the store and pumps are getting close to their final form.
    • Property is very large for the store and within the parking lot it should be easy to navigate.
  • Bellmawr
    • Should be the second store to open after Magnolia
    • Seems like the largest of the three properties.

Photo Gallery below.  Click an image for larger slide show.