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Royal Farms Cross Keys Kicks into High Gear after Delays. Blame it on the Rain

Royal Farms Cross Keys Kicks into High Gear after Delays.  Blame it on the Rain
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It was two years ago that we broke the story of a Royal Farms coming to Berlin-Cross Keys Road at Johnson Road.  It was almost one year ago to the day that we announced construction had started.

And then nothing.  For many, many months.  And of course the rumors started that they changed their mind…  they weren’t building any more.  Well, as you can see by the photos, the project has really kicked into gear with the warm summer months.

42Freeway had spoken to a Royal Farms Regional Manager many months ago who shared with us that the delays for this particular build was the significant amount of rain, coupled with the fact that this was softer farmland… made for very difficult surface area for trucks to come in and build up the foundation.  With so many other stores in process, they just shifted priorities around and moved the construction crews to other projects.  Now they are obliviously back in action…  full force!

Still under construction is a location up the road in Berlin (White Horse Pike corner), and stores in Voorhees and Mt Laurel recently opened!

From a prior post, a description of the store as offered by Chase Gunther, a Royal Farms representative who spoke at a town meeting:

Mr. Gunter provided testimony as to what Royal Farms offers, hot and cold foods, world famous fried chicken and healthy on the go type options as wells as provide seating inside and outside. This proposed store is 5167 square feet, an open floor plan with seating 4 tables with 2 chairs each, and 7 to 10 stools where you can sit and eat and outdoor seating. The virtual tour was shown on the screens with Mr. Gunter providing a description of what we were viewing. There are 8 gas locations for this location. The hours of operations will be 24 hours.