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Royal Farms Blackwood-Clementon Road Opened Feb 21. We Visited Saturday

Royal Farms Blackwood-Clementon Road Opened Feb 21.  We Visited Saturday
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So I am posting this a few days late… but I still want full credit!  The new Royal Farms Convenience and Gas store opened last week on Blackwood-Clementon Road, Gloucester Township.   The building is the site of the former Super Fresh Supermarket (which was demolished to make room) and sits across from the new Republic Bank and the now closed Denny’s.

I stopped in early on President’s Day thinking it was their official opening day, but it was actually the soft opening lunch day… and I was too early.  The exterior shots on this article was taken then.  Then this past Saturday I stopped in while on my way to meet up with some friends to tailgate for the Flyers game… and picked up some chicken to share with friends.  That’s when the other photos are from.

We’ve written a lot about Royal Farms, and even a couple articles on this exact location…  if you aren’t familiar, think “Super Wawa where the main thing is Fried Chicken” or check some of my other articles.

In my opinion the new location is a good one, as there aren’t any “super” convenience stores on the busy commercial road, and a Super Wawa is about a 8 mins away down by Camden County College.

The entrance off of busy Blackwood-Clementon Road is via the previously existing entrance into the shopping center, which lines up with the traffic light.

Down the road a bit… a LIDL supermarket was proposed but up to this point there has been no movement in any of the South Jersey proposed LIDLs (except for Vineland)

Royal Farms
1431 Blackwood Clementon Road
Clementon, NJ 08021