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Rita’s Water Ice Chooses New Blackwood-Clementon Rd Location. Sav-A-Lot Center

Rita’s Water Ice Chooses New Blackwood-Clementon Rd Location.  Sav-A-Lot Center
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The popular Rita’s Water Ice location on Blackwood-Clementon Rd is planning on making a new home just a half mile away from their former location! The frozen treat store’s new Blackwood-area location is expected to be in the Lindenwold Shopping Center (intersection with Laurel Rd), in the former Valu-Cleaners free standing building.

Rita’s is a popular frozen water ice and ice cream custard stand which started in the Philadelphia area but is now a National brand with over 500 franchised locations.

The Blackwood Rita’s did not open in 2022 at their former location, as that larger property of Rita’s and the Entenmann’s Bakery facility were purchased and demolished to make way for a new Wawa.

A banner that was hanging on the Rita’s building after they closed stated they were operating at the former location for 20 years! The banner also confidently stated “Rita’s Will Be Back In A NEW LOCATION!”

The former Blackwood Rita’s Water Ice after closing had a banner announcing “Rita’s Will Be Back In A New Location!”. We now know the location.

Rita’s Water Ice Blackwood-Clementon Rd Lindenwold

The Lindenwold Shopping Center sits at the intersection of Laurel Rd and Blackwood-Clementon.

The largest tenant for the center is the Sav-A-Lot discount grocery (on the left side), but many also know the property for the popular Don Tequilas restaurant and bar at the far right side.

In the front corner of the property closer to the intersection is a free-standing building which most recently was home to Valu-Clean dry cleaners.

Rita’s is planning on moving into that free standing dry cleaner building.

Rita’s Water Ice is planning on taking over this free-standing building in the Lindenwold Shopping Center. It previously was a dry cleaner.

Considering the size requirements of a Rita’s store, parking needs, and wanting to be close to their former location… it seems like a pretty good match for their new location.

The local Rita’s franchise owners have been working with Lindenwold this year for approvals to operate in the building.

Over the Summer, Lindenwold approved a “Change of Use” for the building, allowing the frozen treat company to operate at the former dry-cleaner building.

The planned new location for the Blackwood-Clementon Rita’s Water ice is just a 1/2 mile from their former location.

With that approval done, the Rita’s team then worked on locking down their final design changes for the building and later this month they will be asking for that final approval ahead of remodeling. The core items to be approved seem to be mostly centered around signage… which is a very common approval item.

We have not spoken to the franchise owners about timing, but let’s hope that they get the final approval to end the year on a high-note, and have plenty of time to have the new Rita’s open for next Spring or Summer!

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