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Replacement Gas Station Under Development for Deptford Hurffville Road

Replacement Gas Station Under Development for Deptford Hurffville Road
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Workers have already cleared the site of an former older gas station in Deptford at 1496 Hurffville Road (at Good Intent Road), ahead of the development of an all new gas station.

The immediate area of Hurffville Road is small commercial with nearby businesses including Ice Cream Love, Nonnas Pizza, AAG American Auto Glass, and a Heritage’s Convenience store.

It appears the primary focus of the new gas station plan is to add additional fuel pump capacity, by creating a second row “island” of gas pumps.

This project moved through the Deptford Zoning Board process in the Fall of 2020.

The gas station was previously a Conoco brand, but I’m not sure what the new station will be. It is owned by the Multani family who have numerous gas stations throughout the region.

Former Conoco Gas Station on Hurffville Road Deptford is now gone!

The Deptford Zoning meeting minutes describe the project as a full redevelopment of the property which required the demolition of the existing building.

The meeting notice from 2020 states there will be a second fuel island developed, running parallel with the existing island.

To accommodate the increased fuel island, a 1,200 sf building on the site was demolished.

An all-new convenience store will developed (smaller at 800sf) and repositioned further back… likely to provide the additional space in the core lot to develop the second gas pump island.

A new canopy over the gas pump islands will be developed, and as you would expect…doubled in size from the prior.

For the smaller convenience store there will be no food preparation or hot food at the site. Cigarettes and cigars will be sold but there will not be any vaping products.

Construction site on Hurffville Road Deptford. The former Conoco Gas station was demolished ahead of a new gas station build.

It is expected that considering this is all new construction it will be a significant visual improvement to the site the attractive new structure and landscaping.

Lighting was designed so that it would utilize the newer LED technology but it is positioned so that there will be no light spillage on to adjacent properties.

Deptford Township planner Brian Slaugh stated the upgrade/redevelopment of the existing gas station is a logical extension to allow service and convenience to people in the area. It was a successful gas station previously and by allowing them to reconfigure the business on the same lot, it decreases the pressure for others to build gas stations elsewhere in the area.

He also stated the new design improves circulation within the property.

This project was reviewed by the Zoning Board due to pre-existing nonconforming use of the property, as well as several variances to accommodate the upgraded development.

Regarding the nonconforming use, basically that means the broader area in this zone does not support project type, but since a gas station was previously approved years ago, developed and operating on the site… it’s very common for Zoning Boards to continue that exception related to additional upgrades or redevelopment.

Other variances requested included buffers related to the positioning of the building, parking and other.

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