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Primo Hoagies Glassboro Coming Soon To Rowan Boulevard Complex.

Primo Hoagies Glassboro Coming Soon To Rowan Boulevard Complex.
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Primo Hoagies continues their South Jersey expansion with a new location coming soon to Glassboro, at the Rowan Blvd. complex.  Specifically the Whitney Center building.

Their signature ”new store coming” window signage is up at the property which is located at 330 Rowan Blvd. 

Many will recognize the unit as Ry’s Bagels. Ry’s is still located in the building but moved to a different unit (322) next to the Seven-Eleven convenience store. Ry’s also has a location at 800 N Delsea Drive in Glassboro.

A Primo Hoagie and sandwich shop is coming soon to Glassboro’s Rowan Boulevard complex of stores

If you’re unfamiliar with upcoming Primo location, on the one end of Rowan Boulevard retail complex is the traffic circle and the Primo location will be in the building adjacent to the circle in the very last end cap unit.

The space has a hexagon bump out on the end, continues into the more core portion of the building.

The location should do well for Glassboro locals as well as the thousands of Rowan students. The same building is also home to Pierogie Place, Oishii Ramen… and Waffa Theory has been under development there.

Primo Hoagies operates as a franchise business and the most recent locations to open in our area have all been different owners.  That being said I do not know at this time who the owner is for the new Glassboro location.

The upcoming Primo Hoagie shop in Glassboro’s Rowan Boulevard is the end unit of the Whitney Building

The “Coming Soon” website page is also already up for the Glassboro location, but it also does not provide opening date details.

Recently we reported on the opening of a new location in Washington Township one Egg Harbor Rd.

Also coming soon is a location in Clarksboro which is being opened by the couple who also own the Pinspiration craft store.  Their two stores will be directly next to each other!

The Clarksboro location is targeting a mid-June opening and they are hiring right now! You can stop in at Pinspiration/Primo Clarksboro or email them.

Other area locations are in Runnemede, Cross-Keys, Swedesboro, Voorhees and more!

A Primo Hoagie and sandwich shop is coming soon to Glassboro’s Rowan Boulevard complex of stores

Primo Hoagies – Local Hoagie Tradition on a National Level

Primo Hoagies is well known in our area and the headquarters is now based out of Westville NJ.

What started as a small independent hoagie shop in 1992 is now growing into a larger multi-state popular eatery! Primo features Philly style cold hoagies, as well as hot cheesesteaks, chicken cutlet sandwiches and more.

In 2023 they will be opening stores in five new states – Colorado, Louisiana, Michigan, New York, and Texas – extending its presence across 12 states in total.

Fresh hoagies, cheesesteaks, chicken cutlets and more.. at Primo Hoagies. Coming soon to Glassboro.

Their menu is broken out into categories, and they offer some Primo unique variety to the classics.

  • Italian: A variety of Italian hoagies offering a variety of sharp provolone, and the “Old Italian” which is dry cured capicola, sharp provolone and prosciutto
  • Deli Classics: Ham&Cheese, Roast Beef & Cheese, Turkey & Cheese and more!
  • The Diablos: Unique to Primo’s the Diablos add some heat to your classic sandwich favorites by adding hot pepper cheese and a spicy blend of spices.
  • Schwartzies: are the Primo version of “specials”, which add cole slaw and russian dressing. Try one with Corned Beef, Roast Beef or Turkey!
  • Philly Cheesesteaks: top contenders which are loaded with meat and your choice of cheese!
  • Primo Cutlets come in a variety of flavors including the Bada Bing (sharp provolone and broccoli rabe), Bada Boom (sharp provolone and long hots), Chicken parm, buffalo chicken and more!
  • Specialty hoagies include Tuna, Meatballs, a variety of creative Primo’s only sandwiches, and vegetarian!

Delicious sides and desserts round out the menu!

Plus they offer catering!

A Primo Hoagie and sandwich shop is coming soon to Glassboro’s Rowan Boulevard complex of stores

Links and Location

Primo Hoagies Glassboro (Coming Soon)
330 Rowan Boulevare
Glassboro NJ

Primo Glassboro Website

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