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Primo Hoagies East Greenwich Opens This Spring!

Primo Hoagies East Greenwich Opens This Spring!
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Primo Hoagies East Greenwich NJ is coming to the Berkley Square shopping center! The franchisee is targeting a spring 2023 opening.

An interesting and smart twist to this story is, this Primo Hoagies will be owned by the Pinspiration crafting store family, and the two businesses will be located directly next to each other! (More on that below)

The shopping center location for this new Primo store is on Berkley Rd, just 1/2 mile from Exit 18 of Route 295.

As an additional reference point, the popular Cinder Bar Clarksboro is just two minutes away in the Whiskey Mill shopping center located on the same roadway.

A Primo Hoagies location is coming this Spring to East Greenwich NJ in the Berkley Square Shopping Center.

The location within Berkley Square center is between The Pinspiration crafting store and the Sugared by Sha dessert bakery.

Primo Hoagies is well known in our area and the headquarters is now based out of Westville NJ.

What started as a small independent hoagie shop in 1992 is now growing into a larger multi-state popular eatery! Primo features Philly style cold hoagies, as well as hot cheesesteaks, chicken cutlet sandwiches and more.

A Primo Hoagies location is coming this Spring to East Greenwich NJ in the Berkley Square Shopping Center. 42Freeway added the signage to this earlier photo to show the location between Pinspiration and Sugared

Primo Hoagies East Greenwich… a Pinspiration Inspiration!

The colorful “Coming Soon” signage is already up in the windows announcing that a Primo hoagie sandwich shop is coming to the new Berkley Square shopping center in East Greenwich NJ.

It’s a great addition for the shopping center which will complement the existing stores in the area, including the Berkley Fine Wine and Spirits liquor store at the left end of the same building.

You can imagine many folks stopping in for their favorite wine or beer and then walking down the sidewalk to pick up Primo Hoagie sandwiches before they head home!

A Primo Hoagies location is coming this Spring to East Greenwich NJ in the Berkley Square Shopping Center.

So I used the word “smart” at the start of this article… That is because the franchise owners are Paul and Shannon who own the Pinspiration crafting store, which is directly next to the upcoming new hoagie shop!

I chatted with Shannon regarding the new Primo Hoagie store and she had this to say.

This will be my husband Paul’s baby. He realized helping me with Pinspiration and being in charge of our food, how much he missed his passion. He did such an amazing job with our drinks and bites… Primo is a great fit and very much needed in East Greenwich. We are super excited and hope everything moves along quickly!

Shannon of Pinspiration East Greenwich

I get this as a story primarily about a new Primo hoagie shop coming, but the connection to Pinspiration is really interesting and a smart move in my mind. Let me explain…

42Freeway covered Pinspiration back in November of 2021.

Pinspiration is a do-it-yourself crafting store, where people can choose from a menu of craft projects which they create right in the store, in a fun and helpful environment. Everything needed for your project is provided!

Pinspiration East Greenwich is a popular crafting store. Pick from a menu of beautiful craft projects and create them right in the store.

While the creation process does not take long, it becomes a fun, party atmosphere and having food and snacks available is a common aspect of the experience.  Pinspiration has become a favorite place for Bachelorette parties and other events where food is typically in the mix.

And now with a new Primo hoagies opening up directly next door, it couldn’t be more convenient for customers of Pinspiration to get the freshest sandwiches and salads for their fun events at the craft Store.. or at home of course!

And for the couple who will own both businesses directly next to each other, it should make it easier to help each other out in managing the businesses and providing the best service to both customer bases.

The snack counter area in Pinspiration East Greenwich where Paul got the inspiration to open up his own eatery! Primo Hoagies will be opening directly next door to Pinspiration. A Pinspiration Inspiration!

Primo Hoagies – Westville Success Story

Primo Hoagies is known for its gourmet hoagies with high-quality meats and cheeses piled high on fresh-baked seeded rolls.

In the 42Freeway area they have locations in Runnemede, Cross Keys Rd, Swedesboro, Voorhees and more.

And a new location is coming very soon to Washington Township on Egg Harbor Road. (42Freeway article)

Primo Hoagies Coming to Washington Township NJ
Primo Hoagies delicious fresh hoagies on seeded rolls. (Image: Primo Hoagies)

Their menu is broken out into categories, and they even offer some Primo’s variety to the classics:

  • Italian: A variety of Italian hoagies offering a variety of sharp provolone, and the “Old Italian” which is dry cured capicola, sharp provolone and prosciutto
  • Deli Classics: Ham&Cheese, Roast Beef & Cheese, Turkey & Cheese and more!
  • the Diablos: Unique to Primo’s the Diablos add some heat to your classic sandwich favorites by adding hot pepper cheese and a spicy blend of spices.
  • Schwartzies: are the Primo version of “specials”, which add cole slaw and russian dressing. Try one with Corned Beef, Roast Beef or Turkey!
  • Philly Cheesesteaks: top contenders which are loaded with meat and your choice of cheese!
  • Primo Cutlets come in a variety of flavors including the Bada Bing (sharp provolone and broccoli rabe), Bada Boom (sharp provolone and long hots), Chicken parm, buffalo chicken and more!
  • Specialty hoagies include Tuna, Meatballs, a variety of creative Primo’s only sandwiches, and vegetarian!
Primo Hoagies Coming to Washington Township NJ
Primo Hoagies also offers cheesesteaks and chicken cutlet sandwiches (Image: Primo Hoagies)

Primo Hoagies – Poised for Growth

With simple roots in South Philadelphia 30 years ago, the now Westville NJ based company is on a growth plan to expand further across the country.

In 2023 they will be opening stores in five new states – Colorado, Louisiana, Michigan, New York, and Texas – extending its presence across 12 states in total.

They opened 47 new locations in 2021, another 48 in 2022, and are ramping up for even more growth!

“We’re thrilled to kick off the new year by introducing the Primo Difference to Texas, Colorado, Michigan, and Louisiana and, later this year, to Albany, New York,” said Nicholas Papanier Jr., owner, president, and CEO of Primo Hoagies. “Over the past few years, we’ve been hyper-focused on building and improving our infrastructure to support our franchisees and drive explosive growth. And we are well on our way toward opening 300-350 Primo Hoagies locations in the next five years!”

Nicholas Papanier Jr., owner, president, and CEO of Primo Hoagies.

Primo Hoagies East Greenwich (Coming Soon!)
141 Berkley Road,
East Greenwich, New Jersey

Primo Hoagies Corporate Website

Pinspiration East Greenwich
141 Berkley Road Suite #8
Clarksboro, NJ, USA 08020


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