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Poke Bros Opens First South Jersey Location at Shoppes at Cross Keys

Poke Bros Opens First South Jersey Location at Shoppes at Cross Keys
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The growing Poké Bros chain of fresh Hawaiian style poke bowls is now open in Gloucester Township at the Shoppes at Cross Keys, on Berlin-Cross Keys Rd. Poké is similar to sushi but typically served in a bowl where more fresh vegetables and rice can be added.

While Poké Bowls are the core offering, they also sell Japanese Mochi Ice Cream!

Mark from 42Freeway tried out a Poké Bowl… read on for his impressions!

Poke Brothers Sicklerville: Modern, Bright and Spacious.

As mentioned Poké Bros is located in the Shoppes at Cross Keys which is where Bertucci’s, Buffalo Wild Wings, Texas Roadhouse, Plaza Azteca, Hobby Lobby and more are located.

As you enter at the main entrance , to the right of the Shopping Center’s entrance as you drive in there is a smaller strip of stores which includes Verizon and GNC. Poké Bros is located there in store which was previously a convenience store. From their windows you can look over to Bertucci’s.

The new restaurant is an all new interior featuring an ordering section to the left, and tables to the right.

Poke Brothers is bright and modern with a faux woodgrain tile floor, and bright lighting. A modern and clean look.

The Sicklerville location opened at the end of August 2021.

The Poké Bros company is only about 5 years old and already have several dozens of locations in the Midwest and Northeast, and they are continuing to rapidly expand.

Poke Brothers Sicklerville offers indoor dining, take-out and delivery services,

Poke? What is that?!

According to the Poké Bros website, poké started in Hawaii back in the 1970s! They used skinned and deboned and filleted raw fish with Hawaiian salt, seaweed, and other items local to Hawaii.

It took about 40 years for poké to start becoming known in the mainland 48 States, and a popular “modern” version was developed that used a bed of rice in a bowl, with a variety of ingredients grouped around the bowl for you to mix and eat.

Ingredient variations can include avocado, ponzu sauce, teriyaki sauce, mushrooms, onions, sriracha, pineapple, cucumber and more!

And of course fish and other proteins, which at Poké Bros includes choices from salmon, tuna, cooked shrimp, grilled chicken, marinated tuna, spicy versions and vegetarian.

They offer an all-to-familiar Chipotle style of ordering “Pick your rice, pick your protein, pick your vegies” but they also have their preferred Signature Bowl recipes, which seem to offer a delicious recipe for each of the protein options.

It was our first visit to Poke Brothers so we leaned heavily on the store personnel to guide us.

Poke Brothers Sicklerville: Toppings!

We Try the Johnny Utah

I told him I was a “noob” at this so salmon was suggested as it has a milder taste than tuna.

And not knowing how to pick the right individual ingredients, I ended up ordering a Signature Bowl… the Johnny Utah!

Well it still comes with a few options to pick.

I choose sushi rice, and then took it exactly as the recipe says. Which in this case includes; Salmon, Avocado, Edamame, Cucumber, Masago, OG Sauce, Siracha Aioli.

Oh and I added something crunchy on the top too, which may have been tempura flakes. Ha, I said I didn’t know what I was doing!

And yes.. this recipe had a nice little kick to it!

I did forget to order the Mochi Ice Cream! Next time.

So let’s cut to the chase.

I liked it. I liked it… alot.

Well let me set my experience level first.

I do eat sushi. We are not regularly heading out for sushi like some food categories (Italian, seafood, burgers) but every few months we do eat it. I actually get most of my sushi from my day job which brings in lunch each day. Fancy man.

But we aren’t super adventurous sushi eaters. Sure we’ll try some things when available but if ordering rolls we’re mostly going easy with the Philadelphia rolls, which include cream cheese!

I just wanted to set the level of where my “raw fish” skills are. Let’s call it.. intermediate.

Poke Brothers Sicklerville: The Johnny Utah (Salmon)

Ok and now finally with all of that said… the Poké Bros Johnny Utah was very good. I would order it again.

Everything just felt and tasted incredibly fresh and delicious. The rice.. the avocado.. the beans. It felt healthy and tasted good.

The salmon was very good too. Small cubes of salmon. To be clear, its not like you are getting a huge mound of fish. I mean, its there and noticeable and easily can mix it in with every bite.

The salmon was definitely the star of the show but its a full ensemble of tasty fresh ingredients!

And the sauce was very good also… with that hint of a kick. They tag icon on the website lists the Johnny Utah as “extreme heat”. I would say… well, yea it had a kick that maybe hit me more afterwards than when I was eating it but I think 95% of people could handle it.

And the bowl that it was served in was a clear plastic bowl that was perfect to eat the poke directly from.

I chose to take my order home to share with the family, so I didn’t order drinks or the ice cream. Damn, I wish I ordered the ice cream. But I’ll be back with my wife and daughter.

Poke Bros, Sicklerville NJ on Berlin-Cross Keys Road

Links and Location

The Shoppes at Cross Keys is located right on Berlin-Cross Keys Road, next to the Atlantic City Expressway Exit.

Poké Bros Fresh Fish Hawaiian Style – Sicklerville
609 Berlin Cross Keys Rd, Unit B
Sicklerville, NJ 08081



Facebook Store Page

Poke Bros Sicklerville NJ is Located next to GNC