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Plaza Azteca Sicklerville Exclusive Preview Photos – Opens Monday June 22nd

Plaza Azteca Sicklerville Exclusive Preview Photos – Opens Monday June 22nd
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The eagerly awaited Plaza Azteca Sicklerville located on Cross Keys Road opens Monday June 22nd, but 42Freeway was very happy to have been invited to the preview “Friends, Family, and Media” dinner on Wednesday night.  These type of events are really about giving the wait staff the chance to test out all of their training, and for the chefs to review the recipes and cooking processes.

We chose a later seating, as day job comes first for me… so some of the included photos were taken as the evening was winding down.

Immediate impressions… The restaurant is brightly lit.   Not overly bright, but definitely not dark.  The main surfaces are light which allows furniture and blue accent lighting to contrast.  Overhead lighting makes everything shine.

Very beautiful inside and it has a very friendly feel to it.  There is one main dining area in the back portion, the bar/lounge is located on the right side of the entrance, and on the left side of the entrance is smaller dining area.

The menu for the evening was specially prepared… we had many options to choose from but it wasn’t the full menu.

Everything we had was delicious.  Somehow we messed up and forgot to order the guacamole which seems to be a signature item based on social media posts, but the staff tells me they have the same guacamole here in Sicklerville.  That being said, I was told by one of the Sr Staff that they are trying some different recipes for this location.

I’m not a food critic… I don’t feel qualified or worldly enough to give my food opinions.   But we really enjoyed our meals!  For our appetizer we chose the nachos, which were presented as individually prepared nachos which makes sure that each piece had all of the ingredients.   Loved the tortilla soup, prepared with a  variety of ingredients on top.  The two main entrees we chose were a chicken enchilada, and chicken tacos (which have a much fancier name that I don’t recall, ha).   The chicken tacos were served as a solid piece of chicken that I broke apart for the taco meat.   The chicken was cooked perfect, the first time I’ve had chicken tacos served to me that way.

Being a true professional, of course we had to try out the margaritas!   My wife and I are no strangers to Margaritas, and really enjoyed the sweeter flavor of the Plaza Azteca version.

Dessert for us was delicious churros and dipping sauces.  We were one of the later diners and we were told the serving platters for the churros will be different on opening.  With that said, they may be making some final adjustments to everything I write about here… so the only way to find out what Plaza Azteca is like, is to head over and try it out.

They open June 22nd!

Plaza Azteca – Sicklerville
611 Cross Keys Rd
Sicklerville, New Jersey
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