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Plaza Azteca coming to Cross Keys Gloucester Township

Plaza Azteca coming to Cross Keys Gloucester Township
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The Shoppes at Cross-Keys scores another big win with the upcoming opening of Plaza Azteca, which is a growing regional Mexican food chain.  The location will be at the closed Bensi building located in the heart of the Cross-Keys development, joining Bertucci’s, Texas Roadhouse and Buffalo Wild Wings as other alcohol serving chains.

According to their website, Plaza Azteca started in Virginia and after opening locations throughout the state, moved on to Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Massachusetts.  It seems clear they are on a growth plan into the Northeast, and Gloucester Township location will be the first in New Jersey.

Reading the website and the few articles I could find on the new restaurant chain, it reminds me of the old Chi-Chi’s chain, something that really hasn’t been replaced other than the Don Pablos Tex-Mex menu.  Chi-Chi’s in Deptford was actually a very popular location, and the company’s problems in other regions are what brought down the chain.  I see there is a Plaza Azteca in King of Prussia which may be worth a trip for this reporter to go check out, especially considering KOP has another restaurant which will also be coming to Gloucester Township and I can check out both in the same trip (more on that later in the week).

Coincidentally, the former occupants of that building, Bensi, were also in a regional growth spurt when they opened the Cross Keys location but it seems they have closed several locations in the last few years.  Let’s hope Plaza Azteca has better results with its growth plan in the Northeast.  Personally I am excited to check out this new restaurant!